Career advice, honestly. No (corporate) BS.

Do you ever feel that career advice just doesn’t really resonate? Or that the ‘role models’ spotlighted by the media aren’t remotely relatable?

Whether you’re taking the first step or the next step, our content cuts through the corporate BS to provide honest advice, information, and inspiration served straight up, helping you to take control of your career and build a life you love.

What we are:
  • My Little Black Book is the go-to platform for millennial women looking to achieve professional and personal success – at work and beyond.
  • A career development and online mentorship platform that speaks to you and helps you chart your course, bringing you the professional advice and inspiration you’ve always wanted (but could never find).
  • A catalogue of real-world experiences, giving you access to a plethora of career paths and professional journeys. We are passionate about women’s empowerment – rather than celebrity gossip – and huge advocates of real-life role models who are breaking the mould and carving careers out of their passions (as well as showing that the typical career journey doesn’t start and end in one place, but rather evolves).
What we are not:
  • A glossy magazine with a rose-tinted (or should that be Amaro-filtered) outlook. My Little Black Book articles are both real and realistic.
  • Time-worn journalists writing only because we’ve been given a deadline. We’re genuinely passionate about promoting honest professional advice, profiling empowering female role models (or ‘real’ models, as we prefer to call them), and providing practical resources to help women take control of their careers.
  • Stuffy career coaches promoting clichéd counsel. Our content is fresh, real, actionable, and written by young women who are genuinely in the same boat.