Millennials mean business.

They are the biggest demographic alive at the moment, representing about one third of the population, and, within ten years, will make up the majority of the workforce across the world.

In truth, millennials have a powerful voice and are poised to become the most financially-savvy, technologically-capable, consumer force in the coming years. Knowing this audience, and harnessing their purchasing power, will be critical to the success of most brands.

Here at My Little Black Book, we understand how important it is to reach the right people. In fact, the vast majority of our audience (80%+) fall into our target demographic of women aged 18-30. We know how to cut through the noise and captivate an audience, and would be thrilled to help tell your story too.

We offer a range of high impact advertising packages to valued commercial partners, all tailored to your individual needs. Opportunities available include:

  • Website advertising, including homepage and sidebar display ads.
  • Branded editorial content, including sponsored posts.
  • Content collaboration and consultancy.
  • Social media campaigns.
  • Sponsored competitions.
  • Event partnerships.
  • Branded newsletters.

For more information and to enquire about advertising opportunities, please email