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11 Fun Ways to Pass Your Time on a Long Journey

Getting to travel around and visit different places is an exciting experience. But, sometimes, the act of travelling itself is not that exciting, especially when you have nothing to do and you start to get bored. To overcome this, you will need to find some fun things to do. The following are 11 fun ways to pass your time when you are travelling on a long journey.

Sleep on a Long Journey

The easiest way to pass time on a long journey is to sleep. If you can’t sleep, just close your eyes and get some rest. You will feel refreshed and reenergised when you arrive at the destination. You can plug earphones in your ear and listen to your favourite music on your MP3 player while closing your eyes to get some rest. Closing your eyes can relax your tired eyes. It will not be long when you found yourself arrive at the destination.

Watch Some Movies

You can download some movies on your tablet and watch them on the long journey ride. If there is not enough space, save the movies into an SD card. Then, when you want to watch the movie, pop in the SD card slot of your tablet. You can also watch movies on Amazon Prime if you have a subscription. Amazon Prime let you watch selected titles in offline mode.

Read a Book

If you don’t want to watch a movie, then you can read something to pass your time. There are lots of things to read such as newspaper, novel, comics and storybook. You can go to sites like Gutenberg to download free PDF storybooks and read them on your tablet. You can read some funny stories to get a good laugh. Laughing is good for you because it can reduce stress hormone and enhance your immune cell.

Have a Conversation with a Stranger

You can also start a conversation with a stranger who is sitting next to you. Through conversation, you are making friends with someone. Next time, when you come back to the country, you can go to that friend’s house and spend the night in case you have no place to sleep. The person can also teach you a lot of stuff that you never know. It is interesting to hear someone’s stories.

Write a Letter to Your Loved Ones

While on the train,
take a paper, put a book behind it and start writing a letter to your loved ones. Write about your experience on the long journey, for example, what you saw in the scenery and in the circumstances. If you write later, you might forget a lot of small details. When you arrive, you will have a letter to post.

Sketch a Scenery or Object in Your Drawing Book

If you are good at drawing, you can take a sketchbook and draw the scene that you see. In the long journey ride, most people and objects stay still which makes it a great opportunity to sketch the scene. You can also ask a passenger sitting next to you to pose for you while you draw him.

Do Some Colouring

There are adult colouring books which you can colour while travelling for long hours. Colouring can be like a recreational activity that helps you to relax and get some relief from your stress. Adult colouring books have much more complicated pictures for colouring in so you may want to invest in a 36 or 72 colour pencils box.

Record Scenery with Your Camcorder

While travelling, you can record the scenery outside with your camcorder. After you record for some time, you can transfer the footage to your computer and make some edits. You can also convert it to more universal format, for example,MP4. For this purposes you can use Movavi Video Converter. Camcorder video files are usually large. A clip that lasts for 30 seconds can reach up to a few gigabytes in size. In addition, some camcorders produce the video in formats that are not recognized by video sharing sites.

Some of the formats commonly used by camcorders are DVD, AVCHD, MPEG-2, and MPEG4. With a video converter, you can convert the video into a video format that is small in size and easy to upload on YouTube 

Relax and Watch the Scenery from the Window

If you have nothing to do, just sit back and watch the scenery on the ride. While watching the scenery, you may get to see a lot of greeneries like trees, mountains and grass especially when you are on a train ride. The colour green can help the eyes to relax and improve your eyesight. You are also resting when you relax and watching the scenery from your seat.

Play Word Puzzle Games

If the vehicle is moving slowly, you can play some word games. Playing word games not only help you to pass time but it can also exercise your brain. There are various types of crossword puzzles such as Scrabble, riddles, and hangman. If your friend is travelling with you, you can ask him to join you in the word game. You don’t have to buy a word game puzzle book because there are a lot of downloadable puzzles online.

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