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5 Tips for Your Weekend Packing

Been looking forward to that weekend away for days but just can’t face the huge challenge of packing the night before?

Don’t fear; packing is so much easier than you remember. As someone who invariably puts it off until 30 minutes before it’s time to leave, I have learnt these five top tips to turn you into a packing goddess and give you a stress-free weekend break.

1. Make (or find) a list

It sounds obvious, but it’s so tempting not to bother. Make a list that you can keep pinned up in the kitchen and reuse it for every trip. Think this sounds like too much hard work? Download one! Sites such as Telegraph and Vivatramp provide simple, easy to follow lists. Print one off to make packing seem easy – even when you do get back late from the pub on Thursday night.

2. Wear clothes you can reuse

Everyone has an old pair of jeans that they live in, so use them to your advantage. Can’t relate to this? Find your favourite clothes quickly and cheaply at Lyst and then wear them to travel in. Not only does this mean that you’re comfy and feel good, but also it saves valuable packing space – you’re only there for the weekend, after all, so there’s no need to pack five different outfits. Similarly, if you’re heading away for a muddy, wet weekend outdoors, wear clothes you can use throughout the trip, not just for the car journey there.

3. Use your ebook reader

It may sound like blasphemy, but don’t pack thousands of heavy books. Weekend breaks are a great opportunity to get lost in a novel, but books are heavy and take up space. Investing in an ebook reader such as a Kindle is undoubtedly worth it – it can hold over 1000 books, priced more cheaply than their paper counterparts, and if you finish one on the first day you can download the next straight away.

4. Aim to leave room for souvenirs

It’s unlikely that you’ll bring back an African face mask if you’re popping to Cornwall for two nights, but aiming to leave room for souvenirs has two benefits. Firstly, should you come across an African face mask (or even just a dolphin magnet from Sennen Cove), you’ll feel at liberty to buy it without having to worry about your suitcase zip breaking. Secondly, and more importantly, aiming to have some space left in your suitcase forces you to be more economical with what you take – how is it that no matter how big the suitcase, it’s always too small? Leave the extra hoodie at home and make your packing quicker and more efficient.

5. The roll vs. fold debate

A debate that may never be resolved – but important nevertheless. Proponents of both sides claim that their method of packing leaves more room and fewer wrinkles, and experiments have provided ample evidence in support of both sides. Personally, I believe it depends on how neat or tight your folding or rolling is and, on that basis, advocate rolling your clothes for maximum efficiency. Rolling is much quicker than folding and easier to do tightly with less chance of creases, especially when packing after a hard day at work (and a few glasses of wine…).

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