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Five Ways to Fight Off That Midlife Crisis

How many films have you watched where someone hits midlife, has an affair with a younger model and buys a sports car? This is certainly the image portrayed by much of mainstream media as to the ageing process. In reality, while it can be a time when we reflect on dreams we once had, but have never lived out. Just because you are getting older does not have to equate to afternoon naps and sensible slippers (unless you want it to of course!). Our guide offers you five ways to avoid falling foul to the stereotypical midlife crisis.

1. Start a new hobby

Finding a new way to spend some of your free time is often synonymous with making a new group of friends. Not only will you potentially learn a new skill or focus on upping your fitness levels, but you could also come away with a group of new-found pals. This could lead on to nights out and weeks away!

2. Go back to school

Whether you enrol in a night class or you are researching UK anthropology degrees, you might find yourself using your brain in a different way for the first time in a while. Choose something you know you’re going to find interesting to learn about, rather than it being a chore. Perhaps, you never quite got that qualification in maths and you’ve always promised yourself that you would one day… what’s stopping you? And don’t think it’s impossible to work full time and study; if you balance things carefully, it can work for anyone.

3. Consider and research a new career

Feeling fed up about going to work day in day out doesn’t have to be the norm! There are alternatives out there. So, whether you are looking for or are hoping to retrain as a mental health nurse, get yourself online and do your research. Find out what qualification(s) you need and compare to what you have. Check out the person specification carefully and assess whether you have all the essentials and how many of the desirables. Perhaps, you’d prefer to work from home because of a recent change in circumstances; the option is there for you to grab!

4. Take care of your mind and body

Stop taking advantage of your body; it owes you nothing. Potentially, years of neglect (excessive eating and drinking, a lack of exercise, burying your feelings) have started to take their toll. You may find yourself feeling lethargic more often these days. An overhaul of your diet and fitness regime could well help here. Try upping the amount of fruit and vegetables you eat whilst increasing your exercise (brisk walking counts… it doesn’t have to be Zumba!) and increasing your alcohol intake.

5. Make memories

Are there things in your life that you’ve always wanted to do, but never got around to? A ‘bucket list’ seems like quite a depressing name for it, so think of them as ways to make memories. Hot air balloon ride, bungee jump, open air movie, crowd surfing or even doing karaoke; there are countless possibilities. Take part in events with friends and family, take lots of photos and create scrapbooks for each year if you like… just make those memories!

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