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Foodie Five: Hip and Healthy Food Brands You Will Love

If you’ve come here hoping for a ‘new year, new you’ style article, then look away now: we don’t believe in telling you to be someone you’re not, just because it’s January.

Instead, we champion you being the very best version of yourself which, when it comes to wellbeing, involves compromise, not restriction. After all, it’s important to make healthy choices and look after your body, but not at the expense of giving up things you enjoy.

As part of our Wellness Week, we’ve therefore unwrapped five hip and healthy food brands which are so tasty they can be enjoyed as part of the life you already love, even if you identify more with Deliciously Stella then Ella…

1. ape Crispy Coconut Curls

ape Crispy Coconut Curls

Best for: serial snackers

The clock strikes 3pm and your stomach rumbles (the shame). You don’t want to be the guilty office grazer, but hell, how are you going to make it through to home time? Happily, food startup ape has launched its crispy coconut curls to the market this month, bringing a long-awaited healthy addition to the snacking mix: the UK’s first crisp and popcorn alternative made from coconuts. Coconuts are amazing fruits – they’re jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and friendly fats – and ape’s crispy curls harness all these health benefits without compromising taste. In fact, whilst also being ridiculously moreish (they sit somewhere on the scale between savoury and sweet and get more scrumptious with every mouthful), this slow-dried snack also has that satisfying crisp crunch, so not only can you graze happy, but also completely guilt-free. Savvy snackers: go ape!

ape’s coconut curls are available in two flavours: Lightly Salted and Slightly Peppered, priced at 99p per pack. Stockists include include Ocado, Morrisons, Planet Organic, As Nature Intended and Revital.

2. Ombar

Ombar Chocolate Bars

Best for: conscious chocoholics

Ombar – or as we’ve come to call them, NOMbar (for that is the sound we make as we greedily guzzle them down) – is an organically sourced chocolate brand which will completely change your opinion of salubrious sweet treats. Made with raw Ecuadorian cacao and unrefined coconut sugar, these all-natural, all-raw, dairy and gluten-free bars not only taste deliciously decadent but are also packed full of goodness, the raw cacao retaining natural antioxidant properties which are typically lost during roasting. There are eleven delicious varieties that taste as much of a treat as their sugar heavy opponents: we cannot get enough of the tangy Lemon & Green Tea, the sweet Raspberry and Coconut Centres, and the creamy Coco Mylk which, no word of a lie, gives Dairy Milk a run for its money! Eat them. All of them. Nom.

Ombar Chocolate bars are available to purchase online and from Ocado, Planet Organic, Wholefoods and independent health food stores. RRP £1.99.

3. Bõl

BOL Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Best for: goodness on the go

Now then, you might wonder what we’re doing recommending a microwave meal in a healthy food round-up, but hang on there: Bõl’s natural plant-based pots are a high-quality, wholesome way of enjoying good food on the go. Launched nationwide in October 2015, Bõl is the brainchild of former Innocent food boss, Paul Brown, and has been developed with the input of a leading nutritionist and several respected chefs. The range includes chicken, vegetable, noodle and super ‘bols’, in order to fit into a protein-rich, carb-light, flexitarian lifestyle. For a post-workout protein hit that has us powering through the PM, we love Jamaican Jerk Chicken, a colourful kaleidoscope of pulled chicken, sweet potato, mixed peppers and sweet corn, on top of black barley, pinto beans, peas and a Caribbean sauce. A fuss-free solution for health-conscious foodies.

Priced at £3.79, Bõl’s food pots are available in supermarkets nationwide, including Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose and Ocado.

4. LoVo


Best for: hale hedonists

Newly launched LoVo – a coconut cocktail with absolutely no nasties – is set to become the name on every conscious connoisseur’s lips. Unlike sugary cocktails, heavy wines and bloating beers, LoVo – a perfect blend of Thai coconut water and premium vodka – is naturally free of fat, refined sugar, artificial colours and flavours. It has fewer calories than both Prosecco and Champagne, and is packed with healthy electrolytes and naturally sourced, raw ingredients. Although it slips down easily (a little too easily, in fact…) on its own, we also love it mixed with ginger or lemon. In short, a delicious cocktail with zero guilt. The dream.

LoVo is available online at and in Harvey Nichols stores nationwide, priced at £2.95.

5. Primrose’s Kitchen

Primrose's Kitchen

Best for: edible empowerment

As a nation, breakfast is our most beloved meal of the day, but, when busy, we still tend to turn to sugary cereals and snack bars. It was this that encouraged Homeopathy graduate, Primrose Matheson, to incorporate beneficial and thoughtful ingredients into our favourite breakfast fare, making healthy eating a little easier. With her knowledge of naturopathy – the belief that we should listen to our bodies and eat foods that are as close to nature and as pure as possible – Primrose has developed a range of gluten-free, raw vegetable mueslis, which we can attest taste far better than they may at first sound! In fact, the Raw Carrot and Apple flavour – as well as being a cacophony of colour – was a Gold Star Winner at the Great Taste Awards 2013. Look out, too, for Primrose’s Kitchen Organic Courgette & Cacao granola, which is a healthy hug in a bowl. This is natural food with great flavours, designed to help you feel empowered when eating. We’ll give that a hearty hurrah!

The Primrose’s Kitchen range is available to buy online, starting from £5.95.

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