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Infamous Inheritance Wars – Who Got What?

Nothing can break up a family quite like an inheritance war. After going through the emotional trauma of losing a loved one, fighting over finances is far from ideal, but it happens more than you might think!

Dying without a will in place can cause a mountain of issues and incur endless legal fees. Speaking to an expert about your situation, such as the team at Beyond, can ensure this is avoided, whether you have 100 pounds or 100 million pounds to your name! In the meantime, these legal disputes are sure to encourage you to get your finances in order quicker than you can say lawyer…

Ongoing disputes after Jimi Hendrix dies

Back in 1970 and at the age of just 27, legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix died from a drug overdose and left behind no will or plans in place for his assets should the worst happen. For just over twenty years his attorney managed his estate, before Jimi’s father Al successfully managed to sue for the right to manage Jimi’s music. In 2002, when Al died, Jimi’s estimated £57 million fortune was then left to Al’s adopted daughter, but the fight didn’t stop there. Jimi’s brother Leon went on to lose a court battle to give him rights to the inheritance. Since then, there have been further legal disputes over the licensing of the legend’s trademark and use within merchandise. A very big legal headache!

Ongoing legal feuds over the King of Pop

Since the shocking death of Michael Jackson back in 2009, the family have been caught up in never-ending legal and financial disputes. The Jackson siblings, who were left out of the will, wrote and signed a letter claiming Michael’s will to be fake. In 2012, they asked the executors of the estate to resign, with Jermaine Jackson later retracting his signature. It didn’t stop at financial disputes however, there was also a lot of arguments surrounding custody of Jackson’s three children. Michael’s mum was named the legal guardian of Prince, Paris and Blanket, although briefly lost this title after she went missing in 2012 but was eventually reinstated.

Battle over John Lennon’s fortune

Another family dispute, court visits and settlements ensued after John Lennon’s murder in 1980. His estate (said to be worth in the region of a cool £200 million) was passed over to his accountant and widow, Yoko Ono to control. Chief beneficiaries were said to be Ono and her and Lennon’s son, Sean, however, John’s son from a previous marriage, Julian, fought this decision and challenged the will. It’s rumoured that he received an out-of-court settlement from Ono worth around £20 million.

Asia’s richest woman Nina Wang

It was a case that transfixed Hong Kong and many around the globe, when billionaire widow Nina Wang died in 2007 leaving behind an estate said to worth approximately £2.6 billion. Her fortune had already been the subject of inspection and legal disputes after her husband, Teddy Wang, was mysteriously kidnapped in 1990. Following the death of Nina Wang, her lover stepped forward to claim her inheritance but instead was handed a 12-year prison sentence for forging Wang’s will which is probably not what he had in mind…

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