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World History Books That Come Highly Recommended

History is a really interesting and fascinating subject. One of the important rules to success is knowing where you are coming from and the process that has led to where you are now. This helps you identify things you should replicate to move you forward and things you should avoid.

This is true for individuals, groups, companies, nations and humanity as a whole. Looking at world history, we can learn from past mistakes, emulate strategies and ideas that resulted in major successes and more.

This is why a lot of people advocate that history be made compulsory for every student. For those who have not had the opportunity to study world history at any level, it is still possible to gain this all-important knowledge.

There are great books that have been written solely for the purpose of providing history education to anyone who needs it. To help you acquire this knowledge, check out Official Top 5 Review on world history books.

History: From the Dawn of Civilization to the Present Day

This book is a gem for anyone who is interested in learning about the journey of humankind from the very beginning. It traces over 6 million years of development and world events, presenting them in a narrative style that is just compelling.

It covers everything from battles, treaties, epidemics, economic development, climate change, social media and more. It basically starts from the beginning of it all and traces the journey to where we are today, documenting all the major occurrences along the way.

For a more immersive experience, it includes illustrations and images that help the reader gain a better appreciation of the different events. It also tries to provide events that led up to a major occurrence and the consequences of major events.

You can even check out historical journeys on a nation to nation basis. If there is one history book that is fully inclusive of the most important historical information of the developmental journey of humans and the world, it is this book.

World History: From the Ancient World to the Information Age

The world as we know it today was made into what it is by a series of events. From the very beginning, through prehistoric days up till now, humanity has at one point or another experienced landmark events that were major course determinants.

This book looks at more than 350 of these critical events that practically shaped the world as we know it today. These cover major innovations, technological advances, warfare and military efforts. It also includes individuals who have had massive impacts on our world. These include inventors, leaders, thinkers and others.

This book is very affordable and will make an ideal gift. You can easily get one for yourself and loved ones.

Knowing about your past is always a good thing.

History of the World Map by Map

See the history of the world and its inhabitants explained through maps. Using over 140 highly detailed maps, the author of this book traced the history of the world from when humans migrated from Africa up till the trip to outer space.

This is basically a series of maps in action. These maps are both global as well as regional, showing how the many major occurrences in man’s history created patterns both on land and on the ocean.

It also covers the many explorations and discoveries, battles, conquests and the empires, colonies and civilizations that emerged from them.

This information is presented in a highly organized manner and flow so the reader easily understands and appreciates each era and the events that occurred in them.

Of course, the book is not just littered with maps. There are loads of texts that provide helpful hints and backgrounds to the information presented in the maps. Overall, the combination of everything in this book, gives you a holistic picture that is much easier to understand.

The History Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

Have you heard the statement “Ideas rule the world”? Well, every major occurrence on earth has been the birth-child of an idea.

A series of major ideas led to a series of events over the course of the world’s history that moved the world from one level of civilization to the next.

A simple idea led to man’s joyful discovery of fire. A simple idea led to our ability to harness the power of the resources around, under and above us.

Today, the world has come so far that we now look beyond our immediate world to outer space. All of these were born one idea after another.

This book looks at the journey of the world from its inception to what we have today, focusing mainly on the ideas responsible for each major advancement or civilization.

It visits the Renaissance, the Law Code of Hammurabi, the American Revolution and other key events. Each of these were products of an idea.

In this book, you will be looking at infographics that provide detailed pictorial explanations and biographies of people who have affected the world and what motivated them.

After reading this book, you will have more than just knowledge of the past 4000 years; you will understand why certain things happened and how they affected the world as you know it.

National Geographic Visual History of the World

People assimilate information best in different forms. Some love texts, others love videos or pictures. There have been many history books that describe the events that have shaped the journey of the human race from the dawn of time till date using texts. This book does this with the use of visual aids and illustrations.

Significant events are presented in vivid pictures. Major events like how the Pyramids were built and even up to the Taliban were defeated are shown. Major discoveries, inventions, calamities, personalities and other historic events are shown in a layout that is both stimulating and informative.

You will be hard pressed to find any other book that will present momentous historical occurrences in this form.

This is one history reference book that you will love to have in your book collection at all times.


The books we have listed above will help broaden your knowledge of how the human race got to where it is today. You can choose any of these to get a perspective of the world’s history or you can get each of them to have a fuller understanding from different perspectives.

There’s no doubt that any of these books will improve your knowledge of where we have been as humans and how we got to where we are today.

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