workers play board games to boost team morale

3 Proven Ways To Build Team Morale

Your employees will spend 12 years of their life at work (don’t tell them that) so, to make that time as productive as possible, it’s your job to ensure efficiency.

The best way to ensure your staff remain productive is to keep them as happy as possible. There’s loads of way of achieving this but the most effective are actually simple to execute.

More than just a job

Every member of your team will want to feel that they have a higher purpose, that their job doesn’t just involve a daily grind. You can enforce such an ethic by endorsing what they do and showing the effects of their work.

For you, that could be showing the bottom line results, showing them the happy customers that they’ve worked with or the journey they have created.

There’s a recruitment company in Virginia who inspires their employees by promoting the stories of the people who have changed their lives through the jobs gained by using their services.

A fulfilment company could demonstrate the testimonials of their clients to motivate its staff. A tour operator could publish the incredible times and stories had by its clients on social media, ‘tagging’ the team that helped create it.

There are so many options – create something specific to your business to help your staff see that those 12 years will be well spent.

Friday treats

A really simple but proven method to encourage your staff is to reward good weeks with Friday treats. This could be anything from basics like a pizza, some beers or a team lunch out or as extravagant as you dare.

A company in the UK rewards their staff for good weeks by having a free bar at a local pub on a Friday night. Others organise Zombie runs, paintballing and go-karting evenings straight from work.

Have fun

Those 12 years at work will not be easy if your office is drab, boring and your team has no personality to interact and communicate between tasks and on breaks.

Balancing work with fun is an integral part of all successful business. You don’t need to look any further than Google’s slide or Apples principal of having their staff canteens in the middle of everyone and being completely open plan.

This is all to encourage team morale, interaction and forming relationships for the betterment of the team and business.

You should see fun as small snippets of morale boosting moments around 58 minutes of driven work each hour. You can encourage this with very small changes to your office, chalkboards to encourage doodling, basketball hoops over your bin, nerf guns scattered around and Fifa in the corner. All very simple and cheap ways to boost morale in the office.

There are many ways to boost team morale, so you should create something that will appeal to your team. Probably stay away from the boozy nights out if you have a team of developers, though.

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