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3 Reasons to Take Your Website Seriously in Business

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur of any stripe — or even if you’re just juggling a side hustle or two that you hope to one day turn profitable — you have to understand the fundamental importance of your website.

More and more, as we get deeper and deeper into the digital age, an entrepreneur’s web presence determines their success. At the very least, it influences it to a major degree.

A professionally put together and maintained website can often make all the difference, yet some people nonetheless rely on poorly designed and unresponsive websites that look like they were made in the late ’90s, in order to promote their services.

Bad idea. Here are just a few reasons to take your website seriously in business.

People discover virtually everything through the web today

Perhaps the first and most obvious reason to take your website seriously as a business owner or entrepreneur, is that people, by and large, discover virtually everything through the internet these days. If someones curious and wants to find a new book to read, it’s highly likely that they’ll turn to Google for suggestions. Then, when it comes time to buy that book, expect them to make a purchase through Amazon.

Even theatres rely to a significant degree on good theatre website development companies because — of course — even enthusiasts of the latest plays are more likely to discover them via the internet, as opposed to through word of mouth, or as a result of walking into the kiosk of all the theatres in town and doing some on-the-ground research.

That, of course, is almost guaranteed to be the case for your business, too. If you’re getting discovered at all, expect most people to discover you via the internet.

Your website is a qualifier of your professionalism and trustworthiness

Major corporations have a series of significant tactical advantages over smaller contenders, but perhaps the most substantial of those benefits is the fact that they carry with them an aura of professionalism, success, and perhaps trustworthiness.

These are all invaluable psychological assets that increase the odds of customer engagement, frequency of purchases, etc.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs, on the other hand, often struggle with seeming professional enough to be deemed worthwhile and trustworthy. Your website is, generally speaking, your number one qualifier of your professionalism and trustworthiness. A sharp, responsive website, with clean presentation, can go a long way towards assuring customers that you’re the real deal.

Your website is your first-impression, introduction, and sales pitch all rolled into one

In the context of a more traditional face-to-face business exchange, you could expect to have several opportunities to impress your prospective clients.

There’s their first impression of your company, and your personal presentation, of course. Then there’s your sales pitch and introduction — the way you talk to them, your personal charisma, and the degree to which you’re able to demonstrate the benefits of your service or product.

In the digital age, your website, more often than not, has to achieve all of these things in one go. The customer sees your site and makes various judgements and decisions. And you’re not in the room to participate directly.

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