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3 Surefire Ways To Create a Buzz For Your Business

We’ve all heard about that elusive buzz; a mythical sense that everyone is talking about a certain product or service.

As this mysterious buzz exponentially grows, more and more people want to see, touch, smell, and inevitably buy the said product that everyone has been talking about. How can you achieve this buzz for your own business? It doesn’t matter what industry your startup is part of, competition is fierce, and it can be challenging to hold your own against established market leaders. This is why you need a following and a marketing strategy to help you stand head and shoulders above your rivals. Take a look at these three surefire ways to help you create a buzz for your business.

Launch Event

Any new product that you are bringing to market deserves a metaphorical (and possibly literal) fanfare. Don’t simply release a new product onto the open market shrouded in secrecy. It won’t matter how fantastic your product is, it won’t make the much-needed impact you are after. Instead, consider the most effective way to launch your product well in advance of bringing it to market. Check out the competition and ensure that your product fulfils a different niche, taps into a new demographic or solves a problem not yet tackled by your rivals.

When considering the style of launch, this could be an online countdown, a viral marketing campaign or even a physical launch party. These can be useful ways of networking and inviting loyal customers and clients who could tap into your new product. Make it an event with food, entertainment, demonstrations of the product and opportunities to buy. Ensure you have carried out the required risk assessments, you have looked into mobile welfare unit hire and have the necessary public indemnity insurances. Then you are ready to launch.

Social Media

Utilising Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be hugely beneficial to your business. You may want to introduce discount codes, incentives or competitions to generate a buzz across your social media channels. Encourage your followers to share posts, interact with your contributions and direct traffic to your blog and website. Hits may well convert into sales meaning that your online marketing quest could result in a much-needed expansion of your customer base.


If your version of online marketing is a Twitter post every other day and an email explaining your product to your loyal clientele, then you might want to consider outsourcing to a specialist team who are passionate about creating a buzz for businesses. These experts are dynamic, know the markets they are trying to tap and will have original ideas that will see you competing with your rivals. While it may cost money to initiate, this may be well worth it in the long run as interest in your new product escalates, and you can convert this buzz into sales.

You don’t have to go all Blair Witch viral marketing to create a buzz for your business. Use these three strategies to inspire your marketing campaign when launching your next awe-inspiring product.

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