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3 Things You Can Do To Give Your Marketing A Boost

There are so many ways you can give your marketing a boost if you feel like this is something that would benefit your business. There’s usually always room to improve your marketing efforts, and here we’re going to give you three ways you can do it yourself. Take a look!

Find Ways To Boost Your Site Speed

First off, you could try to find ways to boost your site speed. Check that there are no plug ins slowing it down and that it’s not taking more than a few seconds to load. People are very impatient these days, so the faster it loads, the better. The fact is, a massive 75% of people said that they wouldn’t return to a site that took longer than 4 seconds to load!

Add Real Customer Testimonials To Your Website

Customer testimonials are a form of social proof that will encourage people to buy. People are far more likely to want to work with you when real people recommend it with their own experiences. Make sure you give your customers an incentive to leave a review.

Focus On Your Inbound Marketing Attempts

Your inbound marketing is a strategy that focuses on attracting customers, or leads, using company created content. You will utilize things like content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and branding in order to get as many people wanting to work with you as possible. Solid content, social media, SEO, and branding strategies will help you to attract as many new customers as possible, and keep previous customers coming back for more. Check out proof of this below.

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