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3 Unexpected Reasons Your Startup is Losing Leads

All startups should be concerned with lead generation. Generating leads will pave the way for you to find and gain new customers.

However, some small business owners confuse leads with actual customers. Not every lead will be a customer, it’s up to you to convert them into one.

As such, this becomes a top priority. You want to reduce the number of leads you lose, as it means less chance of gaining customers. So, why is your company losing leads? Well, it could be down to one of these reasons:

You Have a Slow Website

Websites are a fantastic lead generation tool when they function properly. The aim is to get people to visit your website, and then gain something from them. Most businesses look to generate leads via their website with landing pages that get users to input their email information. This provides you with contact info to try and market your business in the future.

However, a slow website will ruin all of this. If your pages take too long to load, users will leave before they even reach the landing page. You lose so many leads this way, and it’s such an easy thing to fix. All you have to do is optimise your website and make it load faster. Now, you’ll stop losing leads to such a silly thing!

You’re Missing Their Calls

Small startups are the victims of this more than anyone else. Sometimes, leads can come to you in the form of a phone call. Someone may see your details online, and decide to call you about your business. If you don’t pick up the phone, they will quickly lose interest and try a different company. In that moment, you’ve lost a very good lead.

Why are you missing their calls? Perhaps you’re out of the office and can’t answer the phone, it’s as simple as that. Thankfully, correcting this issue is as easy as getting a new phone number for your business. You want a number that can link to your mobile, meaning any calls to your business get diverted to it when you’re out. So, if you’re on your lunch break in Starbucks, you’ll still receive calls to your business number and won’t miss out on leads.

Your Follow-Ups Are Poor

Once you’ve generated a lead and got their contact info, you need to follow-up on them to convert them into a customer. A good follow-up provides the lead with something valuable that they’re interested in. This makes them want to spend their money.

On the other hand, if you’re losing leads, it’s probably because your follow-ups are poor. Perhaps you’re sending out generic marketing emails that aren’t targeted towards specific leads. You’re providing them with information and things they don’t want. Or, you’re bombarding them with too many emails/calls/messages. If you don’t follow-up properly and provide the lead with something that interests them and helps them in some way, then you’re going to lose them.

Nodding your head in your agreement with what you’ve read in this article, realising where your company is going wrong? To help your startup progress forward and earn more money, you need to tackle the issues that are causing you to lose leads.

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