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3 Ways to Create a More Human Workplace

An astounding 79 percent of American workers who quit their jobs cite a lack of appreciation as their main source of motivation. As a business owner, your main goal should be making your team feel like they are like family. Not only will this lead to a more positive work environment, it will also allow you to keep your team loyal.

The cost of replacing an employee can be thousands of dollars. The only way to reduce employee turnover rates is by humanizing your workplace. If your employees feel like they are just a little cog in a big wheel of production, it will be harder for them to stay engaged.

Are you looking for a way to humanize your workspace? If so, check out the helpful suggestions below.

1. Show Employees the Value of Relationships With Comprehensive Data

Most employees want to know more about how the work they do makes a business successful. The last thing you want is for your team to feel like the work they are doing doesn’t matter. By showing your team analytics regarding productivity and relationship-based activities, you can keep them motivated.

The cornerstone of any successful business is great relationships between employees and customers. Showing your team the value of these relationships is essential when trying to maintain a high level of productivity and customer service. If you start to see a decline in customer satisfaction rates, then addressing these issues right away is a must.

The faster you can show your employees these numbers and let them know the overall negative impact they can have on the business, the easier you will be able to address these problems. Some business owners tend to keep their employees in the dark when it comes to customer relation issues. Instead of keeping this information a secret, share it freely with your team so they can learn from their mistakes.

2. Increase Transparency and Your Employee’s Ability to Communicate

Keeping things like monthly sales numbers or business growth a secret from your team is a bad idea. While you may not view a lack of transparency as a big deal, your employees view it as a sign that you don’t trust or value them. Over time, a lack of transparency may lead to you losing valued employees.

Another important factor you need to focus on when attempting to humanize your workplace is making employee to employee communication easier. Often times, a higher level of collaboration can lead to productivity and profitability levels skyrocketing. Utilizing the power of project management platforms and instant messaging apps is a great way to improve communication.

Implementing the use of new tech tools can help you stay more organized as well. One of the best ways to make employee scheduling easier is by software provided by companies like Humanity. Find out more about these programs by visiting this website.

3. Interject a Bit of Fun Into the Workplace

Having a work environment that lacks any sort of fun or excitement can lead to high employee turnover rates. You need to make an effort to interject a bit of fun into the workplace whenever possible. Doing things like hosting parties for employees or taking field trips for team building exercises is a great idea. By getting your team out of the office, you can get to know them on a more personal level. While these outings may cost you some money, they are well worth the investment considering the ability they give you to grow relationships with employees.

Focusing on making your team happier and more productive is essential. Conducting regular team meetings will help you get some ideas on what your employees want. Taking this information and using it to humanize your workplace is essential.

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