3 Ways to Protect Your Brand and Improve Perceptions

We live in a world where in-depth information is literally available at our fingertips, which means someone doesn’t have to reach very far to get all the information they need about your company before they start doing business with you.

That is why it is so critical that you do everything in your control to maintain a strong brand presence and an even stronger brand reputation.

Conversations you have, communication lines you keep open, actions you make, perceptions you give off and the company you keep; these all contribute to your brand reputation. It is no easy task, but protecting your brand image is crucial to the success, growth, and even the survival of your business, which is why we have pulled together some advice on how you can achieve this.

Be an Authentic Storyteller

The stories that are told about brands – no matter what the source is – tend to say a lot about the character of that brand; what their values are, which causes they align with, what they stand for, and what sets them apart from the rest of the crowd. That is why you need to focus on telling authentic stories that will have people perceive you the way you want them to. You can do this with the imagery on your website, the content of your blogs, the way you dress your stores and your marketing.

Be Careful About Your Connections

As kids, your parents were probably wary of the friends you made and the people you hung out with. As parents, you will worry about the same things regarding your children (just you wait!). You should also apply this stringency to your business. Of course, making the time to commit to such due diligence can be hard, as can finding accurate results, which is why we recommend you use a company that specialises in this level of detail, such as Ten Intelligence. If you are serious about protecting your brand, then it is critical that you only do business with partners, suppliers, vendors and third-parties that operate at the same standard as you, and with the same moral values. Remember, your company’s brand is affected by the company you keep.

Your Employees Are Brand Advocates

You have no doubt been involved in a conversation with a friend who has complained about the company they work for or told you a far-from positive story regarding that business. What’s more, this interaction probably altered your perception of that company as a brand. With that in mind, it is imperative that you ensure your employees are working as brand advocates for you and not critics. How do you do this? By making your business a great place to work, by being the best boss ever, by offering the kind of perks that they would see a benefit in and, most of all, by helping them stay connected to your brand through transparency and communication. If your employees love working for your brand, then they are going to naturally champion it outside the office walls too. Like we said, your employees are your most important brand advocates. Period.

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