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4 Ways Business Car Leasing Can Save You Money

Running a business can be tricky.

There are so many decisions to be made – choosing premises, marketing, how to make the best impression to attract your target market – but choosing a company vehicle does not need to be a difficult one. Car leasing is the way to go – and here is why:

New Vehicles

With a car leasing contract, you get a new vehicle to drive, and it is renewed at regular intervals. This means that you are almost always driving a new car, and will never have to worry about your vehicle incurring age-related costs or having to pass its MOT. The list of new vehicles are usually updated annually so when you are ready for a new car, you will have a good selection of some of the latest cars. Check out for more information.

Minimise Maintenance Costs

Most car leasing contracts include a standard maintenance regimen, alerting their customers to the fact that services are needed, that oil should be changed and that the tyres are approaching the end of their safe usage. This is excellent for business owners, especially if you are not sure about what you should be doing with your vehicle, and how often, maintenance-wise, and have little time to investigate the matter.

Save the Paperwork

Vehicles that are owned by the company must be registered as a business asset, they must be properly and safely maintained, and a record of who uses the car and for what purpose must be strictly kept. With car leasing contracts, much of this paperwork is replaced with the car lease: the leasing company is then responsible for ensuring the vehicle’s roadworthiness and fitness for purpose. All the business needs to do then is make regular payments, according to the agreement and bring the vehicle to the agreed garage in time for the required services and maintenance work. This frees up time and mental space for growing the business.

Your Money Keeps Its Value

All physical business assets depreciate over time and a vehicle is no different. With a small business, that depreciation can make all the difference between making a loss and making a profit between one year and the next. While this is a ‘paper’ value, it also affects the resale value of the vehicle, meaning that in five or six years, the vehicle will be worth nothing to your company, and will be in need of expensive repairs and potentially costly MOTs. Instead of all this heartbreak, you can avoid having to think about depreciation with a car leasing contract in which you will always have a good-looking, new vehicle for a fixed monthly cost.

So you can see, there is little against using car leasing to help your business be mobile, and there are many points in favour of it. Once the decision is made, you can get on with growing your business, landing new clients and keeping the existing ones happy! If you enjoyed this article and would like to read more, subscribe here:

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