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5 Business Lessons From Movie “The Founder”

Have you ever heard the saying, “An idea is a good one regardless of the source?”

Don’t worry if you haven’t, because all you need to know is that it’s true. Whether it comes from a child or a business consultant, a good idea needs acting on ASAP. With that in mind, it’s time to turn to the man-like genius that is Michael Keaton pretending to be Ray Kroc.

Here are five business lessons to take from the film, The Founder.

#1: Never Stop

Ray Kroc was a failing milkshake machine salesman who turned into the father of fast food. How did this happen? A lot of theories exist, but the prevalent one from the film is perseverance. Regardless of the odds, he never stopped trying to make money and break the mould. Times were tough, yet he continued all the same. It’s a cliché, but an entrepreneur shouldn’t give up until the fat lady sings.

#2: Explore New Opportunities

Lots of businessmen and women are vain and stubborn. If it isn’t their idea, they don’t want to know. Ray Kroc was different and succeeded as a result. When curiosity piqued his interest, he didn’t dismiss the idea out of hand. Instead, Kroc saw an opportunity to make history. From there, he explored the opportunity that was fast food. He looked into selling a franchise and using franchise consultants. He tried to increase efficiency across every restaurant in America. In short, Kroc never left a stone unturned.

#3: Solve a Problem

Every business has issues, and the fast food industry was no different. The drive-in aspect was attractive, yet the food wasn’t high-quality and the turnaround time was long. Kroc looked to flip the script with McDonald’s by providing tasty meals at a rapid speed. In truth, the idea goes to the founding brothers, Mac and Dick Donald, as the infrastructure was in place when he arrived. Still, Kroc and McDonald’s took it to a new level as they expanded.

#4: Focus On Quality

What gave Keaton/Kroc the passion for being a part of a single fast food restaurant in California? Initially, it was the food. In the film, Kroc proclaims it to be the “best goddamn cheeseburger” he has ever tasted. He was drawn to the quality of the product first, and the rest fell into place. After all, he knew he could beat his competitors on taste alone without the then modern infrastructure.

#5: Be Ruthless

The Founder doesn’t portray Ray Kroc in a good light. Spoiler alert – he’s the villain. By muscling in on their action, Kroc forces Mac and Dick out of their business to become the king incarnate. Along the way, he destroys their livelihood and steals the idea for what was rightly the property of the Donald brothers. It isn’t nice, but Kroc didn’t have a second thought when it came to taking control. He knew he had to be nasty to be successful. He even kept the name as a token of his victory.

The Founder is not just a film – it’s a lesson in business.

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