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5 Fun Fundraising Ideas To Try With Your Team

It’s good for businesses to give back.

Supporting a charity has many benefits for your business, from helping to make a good PR story, to showing to your clients that you’re a responsible, ethical business. Raising money for a good cause is a fun team-bonding exercise, and great for breaking away from the usual stresses of the office.

Want to enjoy raising money with your team? Take a look at these five fun fundraising ideas you have to try.

1. Ready. Set. Bake!

A bake sale is a popular way to raise money around the office, but you can take it one step further by hosting your own version of the Great British Bake Off. Instead of everyone bringing in Rice Krispie cakes, have them bring in their own showstoppers, or better yet – have a baking challenge in the office.

Need a recipe suggestion that might help you win? Try this recipe for Madeleine Shaw’s ‘Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies.’

2. Office happy hour cocktail making

Does your office love a happy hour? Why not bring the happy hour to work? Have everyone pay to take part and bring some spirits so that everyone can have a go at making their signature cocktail. It’ll save money on typical bar prices, plus you might even discover some new favourite cocktails!

3. City-wide scavenger hunt

Now this one might take a lot of organising, but it could be a really fun way to help your team bond, as well as help them discover different parts of the city. Equip every team with some plastic buckets and set them off to find the different items and solve clues. The final destination can be a pub or bar where you can all have some celebratory drinks together.

4. A charity client walk

Don your favourite fancy dress and embark on a charity walk where you call in on all of your clients along the way. Plot them out on a map (and perhaps call in advance) to let them know you’ll be stopping by to raise money. You could even bring them some sweets or other goodies to show your appreciation for their generosity. A visit from you all in your colourful costumes will certainly brighten up their day!

5. Sports day

An office sports day is a great way to raise money, allowing people of all abilities to take part in some fun activities. You could make them office-based activities or visit your nearest sports centre or park to take part in some traditional sports day activities. With summer just around the corner, this could be a great way for you all to revisit your childhoods.

Fundraising as a team can help be a wonderful new initiative for your business. A great way for you all to enjoy doing something outside of the office, some regular fundraising activities could do a lot to boost morale. Get your thinking caps on to come up with some fun and creative ideas to raise money for others.

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