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5 Office Essentials for Every Working Woman’s Office

As a working woman, there are several things you need to have in your office. These items will make you more productive and organised. Here are some of these office essentials:
1. Desk Supplies

There are several desk supplies you should always have at work. Two of the most important supplies are notebooks and pens for impromptu meetings. Ideally, you should get a small and sleek notebook. As a woman, you should also store an extra pair of comfortable flat shoes in your office. In addition, you should keep a beauty bag on your office desk for those times when you forget to prepare for important meetings.

2. Technology

Using the right technology can save you a lot of time and money. A modern office should at least have a computer, teleconferencing system, phones, and even digital displays. You should also consider installing automatic temperature control systems. Depending on your field, buying a hand-held printer can also improve your business workflow significantly. These printers are highly versatile and can be used to print on many different surfaces.

3. Apps and Software

There are many apps and software that must be included in every working woman’s office. They include Dropbox, OneNote, Invoice360, Slack, Zoho CRM, and Trello. All these apps are free and available to Windows users. Microsoft Office is also essential to all working places, but it has to be purchased. You will find it necessary to join some of the popular social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. You may also need to set up your own website and get customised emails. CRM apps will help you manage your email contacts effectively.

4. Coffee Machine

Coffee is essential to all types of offices. It improves productivity in employees and also promotes social interaction in the workplace. Offices with coffee machines usually have regular coffee breaks when employees can huddle and discuss matters that relate to their jobs. This way, they are able to exchange ideas. You should go through Coffee Maven for expert advice on coffee styles and blends. The site also reviews different coffee makers, so you can visit them for recommendations.

5. Office Furniture and Storage

The best furniture for women’s offices is white or cream in colour. Red chair and desks also have a feminine appeal. If you have a small office space, you can invest in a round pedestal table that has a nearly-leg free base. This will allow you to hold meetings in the office. You can also consider getting storage shelving that can stand horizontally and vertically. Such shelves can significantly help you save space in the office.


It is important to invest in the right office essentials. Your desk supplies should match your needs as a woman. For example, you should always have a complete makeup kit in your desk. Also, your furniture should suit your body size and type. Be sure to get the items listed in this article for your office.

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