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5 Ways To Make Office Cleaning Easier

Keeping your office clean is important for your company’s reputation and the health of you and your employees.

Unfortunately, cleaning can often be time-consuming and gruelling and as a result other tasks can take priority. Here are a few ways to make cleaning easier so that you’re more spurred on to keep on top of it.

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Improve the air quality

Keeping the air free of dust and moisture will make cleaning easier. Air purifiers and dehumidifiers can both help to maintain a good air quality preventing build-ups of dust and mould. You can find these machines at sites such as Breathing Space. If your office has air conditioning, make sure that this is regularly cleaned so that you’re not pumping dirty air around the office.

Upgrade your keyboards

Computer keyboards can often harbour bacteria, so it’s important that they’re regularly cleaned. Crummy keyboards can even attract rodents. Getting in between all the keys can be fiddly work – whilst there are keyboard cleaning kits to make things easier, you could make cleaning even simpler by investing in silicone keyboard covers that cover up gaps in between keys and allow for easy wiping. There are also easy-clean keyboards that have this as a built-in feature.

Fix up your flooring

It could also be worth investing in new flooring. Regular carpets can be comfortable underfoot but aren’t always practical for offices. For this reason, many companies opt for carpet tiles – if they get stained you can easily replace a tile. You can shop for carpet tiles at sites like Carpet Right. Alternatively, you could opt for wooden floors that can be easily swept and mopped. Wooden floors can be more expensive to install, so bear this in mind.

Hire contract cleaners

Of course, if you really want to make cleaning easier, you could always consider hiring a contract cleaning service such as Goldservice contract cleaners. By getting professional cleaners to regularly clean your office, you can free up time spent doing it yourself and ensure that it’s done to a good quality. Hiring cleaners is an extra expense, but for many companies it’s worth the convenience. You can shop around for cleaning companies to find the best rates. It’s also possible to hire professional cleaners for an occasional deep clean when you want to get your office completely spic and span.

Keep on top of clutter

Having lots of clutter in your office will make cleaning a lot more difficult. This is something that only you can tackle. Paperwork can be a big source of clutter. If possible, consider ways of cutting down on paper usage – many companies have gone entirely paperless now that there’s often no need for printed documents. Also try to avoid having too many ornaments or unnecessary furniture that needs to be cleaned around.

Photo by pan xiaozhen on Unsplash

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