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7 Brilliant Ways To Add a Touch of Fun To Your Office

With big players like Google and Facebook being envied everywhere for the type of office environment that they hand down to their workers, there’s a lot to be said for a business that will go the extra mile for their staff by adding fun to their company.

There’s nothing much fun about going to work every day unless you’re the boss of the business or you’re working in your dream job, so it makes sense that an employer would want to make the experience of commuting into work the most fun possible. There’s a big debate out there about how to keep employees motivated in the office, and a lot of different managers have different ways of doing things. Some love to crack the whip and impose strict rules on their employees in their business and others like the idea of being a lot more relaxed in the office. The difficulty is deciding which is right for you.

It’s important to remember that you don’t necessarily have to have a strict environment in your office. You can choose to be a little more laidback, especially if your employees are disengaging from their environment. Productivity is important in the workplace and as you are the one in charge, the décor and the atmosphere of the office are up to you. Taking the time to make your office environment a lot less stressful and a little more fun is going to prove that you know your staff well. Everyone out there wants to feel like they can look forward to going to work. It’s only natural, really, that they don’t want to spend eight to ten hours of their day in a boring and unimaginative environment. We’re not suggesting that you need to give your workers set tasks to work on for the week and let them roam wild in the meantime; of course not. However, you do need to make the workplace attractive, and part of that fun is going to be making the workplace somewhere that everyone wants to be. You won’t just be drawing a smile with your fun office idea, either. You’ll be increasing workplace happiness and overall making it a good place for people to work, which in turn will up the productivity levels in your staff. With all of this in mind, we’ve got some fabulous and fun ideas for your office environment, making it the place that you’ll want to work the most.

Office Pets. Not everyone will be able to bring in a pet, and there would be some clamouring over who gets to bring in what. Make a note of possible allergies and buy a dog for your office. Your pup could be the company mascot. Dogs have an inane ability to make people feel happier and work harder, and all you have to do is make sure that your dog is potty trained and has somewhere to eat and sleep during the day. Allow the dog to roam through the office, visiting employees all over the office. Dogs just make everyone happy, don’t they?

Happy Hour. You could do this particular idea in one of two ways: you could have a designated private booking at a local classic bar nearby to the office or you could have a cocktail bar with bar stools built into one of the meeting rooms in your building. There would be rules, such as the cocktail bar is only open on Friday afternoon. It’s a great way to build morale between your staff and is an excellent way to encourage team building, too. Just don’t go too far with it; no one wants to encourage binge drinking.

Company Lunch. This particular perk could be done twice a month, with a lunch on the company for the whole place. Instead of booking a table, hire a restaurant and make it happen on a Monday. No one likes Monday, so it’s a good way to boost the office at the start of the week rather than wait until the end of the week. You can get to know each other better, and if you want to have a lot of fun you could get each team in a competition of sorts each week. The winner chooses the cuisine or restaurant for the next company lunch.

Give The Office Life. White walls and chrome accents may look professional and modern, but they can also have a soulless vibe if you have to work in it. The constant white and silver colouring is boring, and there’s just no motivation to do well if you don’t feel inspired by the environment around you. You may be there to work, but that doesn’t mean it has to look like somewhere that you work. You want the office to reflect the whole brand as well as the culture of the people in the business. This means getting input from the staff to see the type of décor that they would like to see in the office that they work in. The best bit about this? People would actually be excited to come to work.

Snacks. People need fuel to think, and as a company owner you have the power to give out great perks like free snacks! You could do this in so many ways, from free vending machines stuffed full of delicious treats, to handmade muffin baskets that arrive three or four times per week. Make sure that you offer a full range of drinks on the company, too, as this will be one of those perks that people talk to others about. It makes the office far more fun if there are freebies like healthy snack bars and sparkling water on hand through the day. It can make chasing that deadline so worth it when you know you are in an environment that can make you feel comfortable throughout the day.

Games Room. Your office may be too small for an actual games room, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a filing cabinet of board games like Jenga and Jeopardy sitting waiting for those stressful times. As an employer, you’d obviously want staff to work and not be playing games but think about this. If a team of people are getting frustrated, they’re not going to be able to concentrate or gel together the right way. Playing games together can really give people the chance to taste a little competition and build a rapport. This can break through the frustration and mind block and give people the key to continuing, on a high from being on the winning team.

Something Different. What do you find to be fun? Is it office crazy golf? A weekly in-office game show with teams pitched against each other to play for time off or early finish times on a Friday for a month? You could come up with literally anything that you want for your employees. Some companies love to give people one duvet day a month; they’ll text their boss ‘duvet day’ without needing further questioning than that – it’s a good way to give people time outside of annual leave to destress and come back to work feeling better and stronger.

Your staff are your resource that are going to bring your company to great heights. Treat them as well as you would want to be treated yourself and don’t be afraid to let them help you choose what would make your office far more fun. Don’t take your people for granted; make your workplace fun and watch how they thrive.

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