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7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Wooden Furniture for Your Business

When it comes to office furniture, wood is a staple material in furniture manufacturing.

Wooden furniture combine elegance and practically, making them the preferred choice for businesses. If you want to spice up your office design, you should seriously consider adding furniture made from responsibly sourced wood in your business. Here’s why:

1. Wooden furniture support a healthy room climate.

Unlike furniture manufactured from materials such as aluminium, steel, plastic and glass, furniture made from wood have a unique ability to absorb carbon dioxide. Trees and wooden furniture can absorb carbon dioxide from the air and store the carbon in the wood for the life of the product. In fact, about half of the dry mass of wood is carbon. This unique ability to absorb carbon helps clean the air and create a healthy room climate, while also helping your business leave significantly lower carbon footprint.

2. Wooden furniture boost productivity.

Studies have shown that the increased use of wooden products has measurable psychological and physiological health benefits. When you add wooden furniture, workers are less stressed and more productive. People are generally calmer and happier in spaces that have furniture made from natural elements like wood. Those who are feeling under the weather in the office also heal faster.

3. Wooden furniture is durable.

Not only does wooden furniture increase productivity and well-being, it also lasts a long time. Wooden furniture can last a lifetime. A piece of wooden armoire desk, for example, can last hundreds of years when properly looked after. And modern wood preservatives enhance the furniture’s natural durability.

4. Wooden furniture is strong and stable.

Wooden furniture is very strong and sturdy structurally. Furniture made from teak, walnut and oak wood, for example, are quite strong and stable. They can withstand extremes of cold and heat and provide a lifetime of use indoors. You wouldn’t accurately say the same thing for other furniture material like plastic or glass.

5. Wooden furniture is free from harmful substances.

Wood comes directly from trees and is made up of cells (like any other plant). It is not harmful to people or the environment. And, as any top wood furniture store will tell you, maintaining your wooden furniture is nearly effortless. Simply wipe the surface of the furniture regularly with a wood cleaner.

6. Wooden furniture reduce the cost of heating and cooling.

Wooden furniture can cut the cost of heating and cooling in your business. This is because wood is a great natural insulator. Research shows the air pockets within the cellular structure of wood insulate 15 times better than concrete and masonry, 400 times better than steel, and 1,770 times better than aluminium.

7. Wooden furniture is renewable and reusable.

Trees used to get timber for making the wooden furniture in your office will regrow and bring other benefits like forest habitat and oxygen generation. Moreover, as demand for wood furniture increases, it can result in an increase in well-managed forests and plantations on cleared and marginal land.

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