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7 Ways to Introduce More ‘Life’ into Your ‘Work’

As entrepreneurs, we’re always fighting a battle between our professional and personal lives; between our time spent having fun and our time working hard.

While there are plenty of tips that’ll teach you how to better draw a line between these two aspects of your life, why not try to remove the distinction altogether? By adding the fun elements of life into your office, you’ll be making yourself less in need of breaks away from work. You’ll also be improving your work culture, making your employees happier (and thus more productive), and showing yourself to be a fun company. Perfect!

Coffee Corner

Most office spaces have kitchen/coffee supplies, but not many have dedicated spaces in which to enjoy a drink. Instead of requiring your workers to leave the office for their coffee break, why not install a dedicated coffee corner in your office? All it takes is a high-quality coffee machine, comfortable seating, a few decorative items on the walls and the tables, and hey presto; you have a coffee corner! It’ll enable a quick five-minute break “away from the office”… just by taking a short walk to the other side of the floor.

Be Inspired

There’s so much that we can learn from Silicon Valley. These tech companies have high employee engagement and productivity; in short, they’re excellent places to work. Part of this is because of the relaxed, creative spaces that they have on site. If you have spare office rooms that are – let’s be honest here – deeply uninspiring, why not take a look to see if they can be repurposed into something more creative, more relaxed, more fun? It doesn’t take too much work. All you will need are comfortable chairs, a few materials to feed the senses, and the time to unwind. It’ll be like relaxing in your cosy book corner at home, just steps away from the desk.

Summer Living

Of course, you can’t expect to fully thrive if you’re always forced to be inside; if it’s sunny, everyone wants to be outside. And the good news is, it might be easier to add an outside “garden” to your office than you realise. All you’ll need is a bit of space. Buy artificial grass and whole bamboo screening from George Hill Timber, add a couple of deck chairs, and you’ll have an outdoor garden that’ll be the perfect space to enjoy your lunch on sunny days. You don’t have to choose between being in the office and enjoying the sunshine; with your piece of the outdoors located onsite, you can have the best of both worlds.

After Work Socialising

And talking of outdoor spaces, it’ll be awesome for those after work socials that should be an integral part of any good company. Of course, you don’t need to organise something every day; whether you have regular Friday drinks or ad hoc events, there are many benefits of getting the team together in a relaxed environment. For one, it’ll allow your workers to get to know one another in more informal setting, which will help boost team morale and productivity. More than that, it’ll help determine how your work premises are perceived. The office no longer needs to just be a place to work; it can also be a place to have fun! And talking of having fun….

Let’s Have Fun

Ask yourself this: why haven’t you yet added fun games to your office? Wherever possible, you should endeavour to incorporate the fun things you and your employees like to do in your spare time into the office. Having items like a table tennis table, pool table, and board games can have a significant impact on the feel of the office. If you’ve hired your workers in the right way, you’ll have no issue with people spending too much time having fun, but you will be allowing them to have a good time as and when it’s possible.

Removing the “Office Feel”

When people talk about ‘work’ and ‘life’, it’s not so much their day-to-day tasks that differentiates home from the office but the small things: the colour of the walls, whether they can play the music they like to listen to, whether they always have to be “on” or can just be themselves. None of these things are absolute; they stem from you, the owner. Remove the stuffy, static office culture from your company and you won’t need to leave the office to have a good time.

What Happens Next?

Think of the above as only the start of your new work culture. If you adopt a new attitude that rethinks what the office has to be, you have scope to create your vision of work and remove the work/life balance issue forever.

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