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9 Dos and Don’ts of a Successful Restaurant

Running a restaurant is a task that many people take on because of the social side of the job.

It’s likely that you will have regular customers that come in, and for many people that’s the perk of the job. However, things don’t simply fall into place when it comes to running a successful restaurant. It takes hard work and dedication to uphold your end of the deal. Just so that you don’t fall off track with your restaurant, take a look at these 9 dos and don’ts of a successful restaurant.

  1. DO always stick to your word. There’s nothing worse than going to a restaurant and the service not meeting your expectations. If you’ve advertised that a meal is on offer, or that kids can eat free, then keep to your word. Going back on yourself could lose you customers, and fast.
  2. DON’T allow a single piece of cutlery or crockery to pass the kitchen doors unless it’s in pristine condition. Imagine eating at a place you love and noticing one day that the very thing you’re eating from, hasn’t been cleaned properly. Restaurant customers expect quality cutlery, and it doesn’t take long to get them as they should be.
  3. DO reward your regular customers with special deals. This might be hard if you’re not actually the business owner, but there are still some rules that you could bend to show your regular customers how much you appreciate them.
  4. DON’T fall into the trap where you believe the customer is always right. While it is something that you should keep in mind, you should always have faith in your staff members to perform properly. Make sure you get all of the facts from both parties before making a decision. Sometimes customers can simply be nasty, so make sure you know who is at fault before taking any steps.
  5. DO take full advantage of social media. Any successful business owner will tell you that social media is one of the best ways of reaching out to potential customers. Facebook now offers the ability for your customers to be able to review your establishment too, so you’re able to brag about the service and food that you have on offer. If you haven’t already, make social media accounts on every platform possible so that you can get the furthest reach as you can. You will begin to notice that over time, your fan base will grow, and this is the perfect time to host competitions for a free meal or drink. In turn, you get plenty of free publicity and interaction with your social media accounts.
  6. DON’T forget to fully train your employees. Many eating establishments make the mistake of hiring people and not bothering to train them. This might be because they’re a summer temp, or they are fresh out of school. Regardless of who your staff members are, they should be trained to the fullest standards so that they can offer the best service to your customers. Make sure that they have all been on hygiene courses and are aware of what is, and what isn’t acceptable in the food industry. For chefs, why not send them on cooking courses that can help improve their culinary skills? It won’t do anything but improve your restaurant, so you’re winning either way!
  7. DO consider welcoming all walks of life into your establishment. If you’re lucky enough to have a completely separate restaurant from your bar, why not welcome in dogs? You will find that many more people are susceptible to your business and will come in and see what you’ve got to offer.
  8. DON’T worry too much when business isn’t thriving. In the restaurant industry you will have quieter periods of the year. Usually when the children are in school you will find that you’re not as busy as normal. However, once they break up for half term you will notice that business is booming. So basically, don’t give up if all seems lost!
  9. DO always remember to smile. You will know yourself, there’s nothing worse than heading out for a bite to eat and your server looking like the world is over. Be sure to have your staff practising this too, so that you and your team come across as a happy and friendly bunch. A smile makes all of the difference.

As you can see, there’s a few things to concentrate on, but none of them are out of reach by any means. Make any necessary changes and you will notice the difference faster than you think.

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