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A5 Envelopes to Stand Out From the Competition

Getting someone to open your advertisements or information that you’ve sent in the post is never easy.

What can you do to make your customers more likely to open your envelopes?

Think about Size

Sending out marketing material in a standard sized envelope isn’t going to attract anyone into opening the information you’ve sent them. Choosing a non-standard size is a good start. A5 envelopes are a great size of envelope to choose as it’s not a usual size of envelopes, but in the UK, it will probably remain within the standard postage limited. Any larger and you might run the risk of paying more for the postage. An unexpectedly large envelope will intrigue your audience and make them more likely to open up that envelope.

What about the Seal?

Think about what you’re going to place in these a5 envelopes. If your marketing materials are heavy or expensive, then you might want to consider a good strong seal. Otherwise, think about how many times you or whoever is doing it will be sealing the envelopes up. That will make you reconsider a seal that you needs to be moistened if you’ve got thousands of envelopes to close. Opening the envelope is a small part of your potential future customer’s experience of your business, so you don’t want it to be difficult with them ripping the contents.

Will Customers Know it’s You?

Even your branding can extend to your envelopes with your logo printed onto the exterior of the envelope or with an interesting colour on the inside of the envelope. If you always use a particular size of an envelope, then your customers will come to identify that size of an envelope with your business. Once your customers know it’s you then they will be more likely to open up your envelope to see what exciting discount or sale you’re offering them this time.

Sometimes the Finish is the Key

Envelopes can come in a huge range of finishes and if you’re thinking about using a new finish then get yourself a sample. Use the sample to ensure that your current printing methods for the address will transfer easily to the new finish. A special finish will make your business stand out from all the plain standard sized brown and white envelopes that land on your customer’s doorsteps. By choosing a non-standard sized envelope with a special colour, finish or logo your marketing stand out from the competition.

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