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Are You Having a Positive Impact on the World?

We are taught that there’s only one person we should look out for: ourselves. But, in practice, this is never true. We take steps to ensure that our families are safe, secure, and happy, as well as our friends, neighbours and the wider community. Humans are social creatures, and even though it might not always feel like it, our natural reaction should be to be happy for other people. If everyone’s doing well then, well, we’re all doing well! Of course, knowing how to have a positive impact on the world isn’t always straightforward, since we’re not always told that we have the option. Below, we’ll outline a few useful ideas that’ll have you on your way.

Making Your Living

You reap what you sow. And for forty hours a week or more, we’re sowing. Our jobs don’t only have a huge impact on our personal lives; they also have a ripple effect throughout the world. There are certain industries that have an obvious adverse effect, such as oil and tobacco, while others are more neutral. People who want to work in an industry that makes a positive contribution won’t have to look far, however — education, healthcare, and environmental related issues all have extraordinary capacity to do good in the world.

Your Investments

It’s a financially sensible decision to put your money to work by investing it into companies. For this, most people choose to just give their money to a firm to invest on their behalf. But there’s often an issue — not all investments have morals at the forefront of their investment choices. They just follow where the money leads, it doesn’t matter what long-term negative effects it has on the world. As such, it’s important to check the philosophy behind any firms that you use. For example, Alpha Blue Ocean, an investment firm lead by Pierre Vannineuse, makes investments in sectors that push the world forward, such as technology and healthcare. By investing in these types of industries, you’ll be making a contribution to the world, because you’ll be helping planet-boosting industries to develop.

Giving Back

It’s not just through our work and our money that we make a difference. We all have spare time. The question is what we’re doing with that spare time. Use it to volunteer, and you’ll b doing your bit to improve the lives of others, and elevating society as a whole. It doesn’t matter what it is — so long as you’re doing something that gives back to the world, you’re on the right track.

Open Minded

There are plenty of things that hold back the earth, but closed minds are among the most dangerous. If you can’t accept other people or ideas as they are, then you’ll be contributing negative energy to the planet! It’s worthwhile working on yourself, so that you can become more open-minded. If everyone was more tolerant of others then the world would be a better place, but we can’t just wait for others to change — we need to change ourselves.

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