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There’s No Shame in Asking for Some Startup Help

It doesn’t matter whether you are setting up your own vintage florist shop, providing bespoke accountancy services for contractors, or selling your lovingly handcrafted wares online. If you are in the midst of startup chaos, sometimes you need a little help to clarify your thinking.

Many people believe that success means doing everything yourself; you must draw up your financial plans, handle the accounts, look into the legalities and legislation relevant to your industry, construct a marketing strategy and make a good cup of tea whenever it’s required. It’s okay when setting up your fledgling business to seek out sources of help. Far from admitting defeat, you are taking early strides in networking with worthwhile contacts.


If you are astute with your finances, you will have a greater chance of making your business a success. Not everyone who goes it alone has an accountancy degree or is particularly number savvy. Head to the bank, chew the ear off your investment banker friends, and get learning. If you’re willing to take on board any advice thrown your way, you are showing a humble attitude and a drive to succeed, admirable qualities in a new business owner.

More often than not, entrepreneurs cannot fully self-fund a startup. It’s time to investigate your funding options. You could opt to seek investment from a business angel rather than the traditional loan from the bank. This can be a wise move as you will be able to hone your presentation skills, bolster your confidence, and you may secure the expertise and input of an exceptional business leader. It can be hugely satisfying to convince a leading professional to invest in you, your ideas and your business.

Computer Stuff

While you might know your way around Word, can write an email or two, are proficient at creating a stunning PowerPoint presentation and understand how to surf the interwebby thing, you may not have ever encountered any industry-specific software in your life. To clue yourself up, you can enrol onto a course, usually provided by the software maker or a consultant who specialises in its successful implementation. This way you can guarantee that you will be using the software with ease and to its full potential. Alternatively, you could outsource your requirements to an IT support specialist who can look after and take care of anything from your cloud storage to your web hosting. By relinquishing an area of the business that isn’t your strength, you’re free to concentrate on more pressing issues.

Starting a new business can be overwhelming and can lead to you wondering why you ever thought it was a good idea. Remember that you are following a passion and a long-held dream. You’ve cut your teeth while being employed in your chosen field, and now it’s time to break free and give your startup a go. If you are able to remain organised and can keep your end goal in sight, you’ll soon be the leader of a new money-making venture.

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