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The Benefits Your Employees Should Have

Do you think you’re giving your employees enough benefits?

The chances are high that they’re actually having very little at all from you, yet they should be one of your highest value assets of the company. They’re doing so much for your company that you wouldn’t be able to do if it wasn’t for them, so they should be entitled to certain benefits that will keep them motivated and happy within the company. If you’re struggling to think about what they should get, we’ve got some pointers below for you.

Monthly Benefits

Certain companies can be a bit stingy with certain things, but there are some monthly employee benefits that every one of your employees should have. First, we need to talk about the breach situation. There is a legal requirement stating that if an employee works a certain amount of hours in the day, they should be entitled to a certain amount of time on a break. But why not think about doing a simple adjustment that allows them to have that little bit extra, and even have it paid. It can be little things like that that will make the world of difference to moral within your company. You could also do things like monthly bonuses to keep the excitement alive.

Contracted Benefits

There are certain things you could put in the contract to make your employees feel more secure within their job. One could be something such as private medical insurance. The health service we’ve got at the minute is one of the worst in the world in terms of debt and waiting times, so why not give them the luxury of being able to go private with all expenses paid. If you take a look at websites such as, they’ll be able to help you to sort everything like that. You could also contract more annual holiday as a little luxury. The statutory holiday entitlement for any full time employee is 28 days minimum. Even giving them a nice extra 5 days a year to go and enjoy themselves is the difference between them finding the job appealing and not. Finally, you should state in their contract the ability they have to progress within the country. All employees should be looking to excel in their careers, and no one likes just staying at the bottom!

Reward Benefits

We’ve sort of touched on this already, but rewards for your employees is key to keeping them happy. If someone is doing exceptionally well within your company, show your gratitude by giving them a little bonus. If they know they’ve got something to work towards, it’ll obviously make them work harder. And what does harder working employees equal? It equals more profits for you from the sales they’re making. You should also consider things such as rewards for punctuality, the best customer service, then best team player. Smaller rewards such as a chocolate hamper could be given for this, but it’s all about showing that you appreciate every little bit of work they do for the company.

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