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Best Boss Ever: Treating Your Team With Love and Care

It’s no secret that employees are the cornerstones of a company and the most valuable resource any successful business owner can have.

Yet the work landscape is changing, and the churn of workers is more rapid than ever, leading more managers to question how they can attract and retain the right kind of talent – without seeing them fall out of love within a year.

The truth is that our attention span is shorter than ever before, and even if you do hire the perfect kind of candidate, she might wake up one morning and leave you for a competitor. It’s just the way business is these days.

You can find ways to make your company more attractive, though, by putting yourself in the spotlight as an attentive boss who cares about her team. Here are a handful of the best ways to make your office an attractive place to work and keep your employees coming back for more.

Listen and Care

Some employers find it difficult balancing the role of being a boss while also being well-liked by their employees. It’s no secret that workers with a good relationship with the management tend to stick around for a while longer – so keeping a strictly professional attitude at all times may not be the best option.

Take time to listen to your employees and go out of your way to help them, even when they have problems that are not work-related. Business owners need to remember that our personal life affects us at all times – including when we’re in the office. Have a look at the peninsula group complaints procedure for inspiration, and take full advantage of the services they can provide your business with.

Relate to your employees, show them that you care, and take on the role as a leader and a teacher rather than a bossy manager. You’ll be more popular, that’s for sure, and your team will also be a lot happier.

Encourage Continuous Learning

When the business climate changes, some owners seem to get a bit more selfish. What’s the point of providing training and spending money on educating a team that’s just going to resign in half a year, making your competitor benefit from your hard work?

Even though we’re not as likely to stick to the same job for decade after decade anymore, learning on the job is just as relevant as ever.

The most successful business owners know that it’s not about keeping the talent they invest in from jumping ships. Knowledgeable and resourceful employees will benefit your business no end whilst they’re with you, even if they do choose to move on after a year or two. Invest in your people and they will leave behind a worthwhile legacy and contribution to the kind of culture that fosters learning.

While large corporations often offer to pay for their employee’s education, it’s understandable that smaller businesses may struggle with this. Offer another kind of incentives for learning and make sure you reward the ones who show initiative; here is a great article on the best kind of employee benefits you should consider.

Showing an interest in your employees and being able to listen are two of the best qualities in a leader. It goes beyond proper management and all the other qualities we often associate with leadership. A good leader is a people’s person who genuinely cares about her team – and not just her company.

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