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Branding For Beginners

Your business has been ticking along nicely for some time but, lately, it feels like it’s falling a little flat. While sales may not have fallen, they’ve certainly not increased at the rate you would hope and that’s ringing some alarm bells.

To prevent further stalling, you need to think of some options for giving your business a boost. This might come in the form of investing in a clever marketing plan, complete with special offers aimed at your carefully selected customer base; it might be a flash sale to clear some old stock; or it might be that you’re in need of rebranding.

This can strike fear into the heart of even the most intrepid entrepreneur but, fear not! When you’re looking at how to re-brand and get it right, there’s a lot of information out there. But first we take you through a checklist to find out if this option is right for you.

Is Your Brand Relevant to Your Product?

Quite simply is your current branding still reflective of the product or service you’re offering or have you moved on? This can be particularly true of older brands with an established reputation for offering a specific product. If you’ve shifted away from your original offer, then it might be time to have a brand that reflects that.

Are You Different?

Perhaps your branding has, over the years, morphed into a similar style to that of your competition. Possibly now it’s hard to tell apart all of the top competitors.

If this is the case, you need to break away and start the process of differentiating yourself and working on promoting your USPs through clear and distinctly different branding.

Do You Need to Raise Prices

Often a rebranding exercise is the perfect way to introduce a new pricing structure to customers. By upping your look and taking a fresh look at your products, you’ll be able to better justify why customers should pay more for your goods or services.

Is it Dated?

It might just be that your brand is very, very out of date. That the image you want to portray doesn’t quite match up to the logo, wording and so on that represents you. It’s time to find a designer who understands you and your business and can come up with some ideas that give your look a fresh, new feel while truly reflecting your core values.

When you’re trading in a competitive marketplace for customers, you need to know that your brand is working for you as an ambassador for your company. Even at a glance, it needs to reflect your values, the professionalism of your service and chime with your targeted customer base.

Anything less than perfect won’t do, so if your business has hit the buffers then take a look at what a rebranding exercise might do. Run through our checklist and if this rings any bells then get a design team on the case to help pull you out of a rut and get the sales pouring back in.

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