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Budding Girlboss? Balancing Both Isn’t As Tough As You Think

Dreaming of starting your own business is all-consuming. As soon as you get that initial idea, nothing else comes close; it quickly becomes all that you can think about. The only thing that you want to do with your time is work on thee business idea or think about it! And the thing is, unless you actively start to work on it, that feeling is just not going to go away. It’s just the way things go. However, when you’re working on your career and you’re busy with work, the idea that you then have to take something else on on the side is a little bit overwhelming. If you’re already working hard, attempting to add more to your plate can seen scary. But, it doesn’t have to be. If you want to start your own business or go freelance, then here’s what you need to do make it work.

Plan Well

First of all, this all has to come down to planning. If you know that you’re working between set hours each day, you have to plan in time to work on the business outside of those hours – i.e. early mornings and late nights. And then, you have to hold yourself accountable to do the work.

Maximise Productivity

Next, you’re going to want to make sure that you are being as productive as possible when you are working on your business. You cannot afraid to let yourself get distracted when you’re time poor. Here, you’ll want to aim to be more productive when you’re working. So avoid distractions, get in the zone, and get to work!


And really, it all comes down to priorities. If you know that you want to build this business, t has to be your number one. Netflix or procrastinating on social media or anything else has to come second. You need to make building your business a priority, and work on it first.

Use The Right Resources

Another thing that can help you here, is turning to the best possible resources for your business idea. Maybe you need to find pay monthly websites to build your site with rather than a hugely expensive custom design? Or you need a social media scheduling tool that can stop you from spending too much time on social media? Then bring in those simplified, time-saving options to help you.

Ask For Help

Finally, it may also be that you just need to ask for some help. If you really are limited on time and you’re burnt out, you’ll end up giving up or just putting our subpar work. So instead, delegate. If you’re not great at copywriting or graphic design or social media, look for a freelance contractor that can help you for a fee. Yes, it’s an expense – but you will find that it’s way better to invest in this, and have the work done and done well, for you to free up your time! It makes it much easier to manage both until you’re ready to take your business full-time.

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