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Business Cutbacks That Will Cost You in the Long Run

As the owner of a startup, you’ll be all too familiar with the statistics relating to low success rates.

Moreover, you probably realise that wasted capital is the main reason so many SMEs crash and burn. With this in mind, spending money in a more efficient manner should be top of the agenda at all times.

That said, there is one key thing to remember: cheap doesn’t always mean value.

It’s an old business cliché, but there are times where you must speculate to accumulate. Here are six areas where cutting corners will cause you harm.


Staffing is one of the biggest expenses in most business ventures, which is why you must aim for efficiency. However, the value of a strong and motivated team cannot be emphasised enough. The dilemma over employee pay levels is a tough one to master, but if you can find a balance that keeps your staff productive without breaking the bank, it will provide a far stronger platform for the entire venture.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with outsourcing certain elements, and internships and other schemes can work wonders too. Ultimately, though, if the team isn’t up to scratch, the entire company will suffer as a result.


Tech is hugely advanced compared to previous generations, and it can be used to improve virtually all aspects of production. It can often be tempting to buy used products in a bid to save cash like you would with furniture. However, better quality computers and machines offer greater speed and accuracy. As such, they are well worthy of the additional investment. Sadly, if you buy badly, you’ll end up buying twice.

It’s important to remember the ongoing health of those items. Services like New Era Fuels provide the lubricants and materials needed to keep those appliances working as they should. When assets work longer, it can only be good news for the company’s finances.


Keeping your business finances in good health is hard enough when things are running smoothly. Allowing other problems to surface due to a lack of protection will make things a lot tougher. Therefore, protecting the company and its assets is critical. CCTV and security cameras are a great starting point. It’s equally important to think about data security, particularly as the world of commerce is now focused on the digital audience.

Preventing outside threats should also extend to intellectual data. Furthermore, gaining insurance to protect you against on-site injuries will work wonders for the cause.


In many ways, branding and marketing are the most vital elements of business. While this is an area where money can be wasted at a rapid rate, it’s also the heart of gaining conversions. Many entrepreneurs think that research is a needless expense. On the contrary, spending a little money here will help direct your venture so that you can build a greater connection. In turn, this should influence interest levels and pricing in one fell swoop.

Knowing your audience is one thing, but impressing them is another. Digital marketing pros like Passion are often the best solution. If that investment actively boosts sales, it’s worthwhile.


It doesn’t take an entrepreneur long to realise that great communication is at the core of all business matters. Investing in facilities for staff won’t come cheap. Then again, video conferencing can reduce the need for travel and wasted time. Likewise, improved internal links can aid consistency and productivity. This is especially true with regards to collaborative work, but can influence solo endeavours too. If nothing else, that clarity boosts the general atmosphere.

On a selfish note, staff management is a lot easier when the right systems are in place. Whether you play an active role or delegate those tasks to senior staff, it allows you to focus on your job.


Ending the commitment at the point of sale is arguably the worst mistake that anyone can make in business. Providing customer care may seem like an additional expense, but it’s often the key to gaining ongoing trust and loyalty. Moreover, it often promotes organic word of mouth, which will send new client rates through the roof. For your reputation and retention rates, going the extra mile in this aspect is vital. Ignore it, and you will start to see clients take their custom elsewhere.

This can take many forms. The list includes using social media, telephone services, and FAQs. With returns policies and general transparency at your disposal too, success is assured.

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