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Business Improvements You Should Think About

How can you move your business forward? The truth is that there are so many different ways! Read on for some suggestions you may not have considered.


For a while there was a period whereby businesses tried conference calling as a way to save money instead of travelling abroad. However, most companies soon discovered that this was extremely ineffective. Nothing secures a client better than meeting face to face. Moreover, how are you supposed to oversee international operations if you are merely talking to someone via a computer screen?

Nonetheless, there is only one issue with corporate travel, and this is that it can be expensive. With flights, accommodation, day-to-day expenses, baggage, and more to consider, it is easy to see how travel expenses can easily mount up. Yet, the truth is that they don’t have to. If you implement the following four travel expense management tips you can keep your costs to a minimum…

1.     Small savings matter – First and foremost, one of the reasons why corporate travel ends up being so expensive is because all of the small costs mount up. Your employee’s luggage is overweight, you have to pay for Wi-Fi in the hotel, and your staff members seem to be enjoying the most fancy restaurants in the city. It is imperative to set a strict yet realistic budget for every employee who is going abroad. Make sure they all have clear information regarding baggage allowance, and any extra charges they should take care of. Moreover, consider costs as a whole. Don’t just think about booking the hotel but consider the facilities that will need to be used whilst staying there as well.

2.     Be flexible – If you can be flexible regarding flight dates and times then do it. You will be shocked by how much money you can save by picking another date or flying during the evening. Yes, this may not please your employees, however you may want to consider allowing them to have the day off work when they get back so they can recover.

3.     Purchase travel management software – The next thing you should do is purchase software offered by a leading travel management company. This proves to be worth its weight in gold. You will be able to plan your trip much more conveniently and you will benefit from all of the best deals. These companies have access to the lowest rates, as they will have secured deals with some of the best airlines. In addition to this, you will be able to oversee everything via one interface. This allows you to manage your costs as effectively as possible. From airport transfers, to accommodation, to booking meeting rooms, to car rental hire, and much, much more – you will be able to sort out everything as easily and cost effectively as possible.

4.     Take rebooking options into account – Last but not least, when booking hotels, flights and alike, you should take rebooking options into account. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for plans to change in the world of business. Something may come up and thus a meeting may have to be postponed and so on and so forth. If this occurs and the company you have booked with does not allow you to rebook, you are actually going to end up paying for two trips. Thus, to make sure this does not happen, take rebooking options into account.


One of the great things about hiring a corporate magician is that this is a form of entertainment anyone will enjoy. The magician engages with the audience and ensures that everybody is included. From large audiences to small audiences; they can handle it all. If you are hosting an intimate event then a close up magician can work fantastically. However, cabaret magic is great for medium to large capacities. It is all about finding the right corporate magician. Look for someone with experience and be certain that they have performed at events similar to yours many, many times before. If you do this then there really is no room for error. The fact that you have gone for something different from the norm and thought outside of the box will win over all those in attendance – even the individuals who aren’t the biggest fans of magic will be impressed.

A corporate magician is suited to an array of different business events, however one format whereby they really excel is when it comes to a trade show. What is the main objective of your appearance at a trade show? Well, you want to get as many people as possible over to your stand so that you can wow them with your business and the products / services you provide. Getting people to your stand is actually one of the most difficult things. However, with a corporate magician it is made easy. They will wow those in attendance with their tricks and generate interest. They do the hard work of attracting people over so that you are then in a position whereby you can introduce the services and products you have on offer. Everybody is going to remember the stand with the corporate magician!

One benefit of hiring a corporate magician which most people tend to overlook is the fact that they require little space and little setup. Hosting a business event can be stressful enough without having to worry about setting up a stage and dealing with an array of different technologies. A corporate magician will bring all of his own props with him and aside from that he won’t require anything else – perhaps a microphone if dealing with a large audience, but that is about it. This ensures hassle is minimised as much as possible. Furthermore, if you take a look on the internet you will see that corporate magicians aren’t that expensive. This is especially true when compared with other forms of entertainment, such as hiring a band. This is important because whilst you obviously want to put on an amazing show you also want to keep your business costs as low as possible as well.

Any business event has to revolve around branding. You want to enhance your corporate image. You want to show your company in a good light. Well, hiring a corporate magician can certainly help you to achieve this. Every business wants to be seen as cool, fun, innovative and adventurous. Hiring a magician definitely sends all of these messages. You haven’t followed what every other company has. You have gone for original entertainment and you have provided something which most people will not have seen at a business event before. This in itself will allow you to win some major brownie points. Everybody will be impressed and they will be talking about your company. Isn’t this exactly what you want? You want to drum up positive interest. You want your recognition to reach the sky. It most definitely will if you go for this option.


Most people recognise the importance of having a corporate uniform in place. However, finding the right workwear is not as simple as merely getting everybody to wear a black suit. You need to make sure the decision is one you give a lot of thought and consideration to. You need to ensure the uniform aptly represents your business, is comfortable for your employees to wear, is made from quality material and manufactured to a high standard, and looks professional. The importance of this is something that cannot be underestimated. Don’t believe it? Well, read on to discover the possible outcomes that could arise if you don’t take the time to find the right work wear for your company…

Productivity levels could deteriorate

Of course, productivity is not only influenced by small matters like this. If you don’t have development plans in place, you will struggle to get the most out of your workers. Check out the 7 Steps For Creating An Employee Development Plan for more details. However, the smaller details do matter too! If you don’t take the time to source uniforms that are made to a high standard you may quickly begin to notice a decrease in productivity. How do you expect your employees to work to a quick pace and a high standard if they feel uncomfortable in what they are wearing? You need to bear in mind that your staff members are going to be wearing these uniforms eight hours a day and five days a week in most cases. If the uniform is ill fitting or uncomfortable then your employees will find it extremely difficult to concentrate and get their job done properly.

You could face substantial costs

In the introduction it was touched upon that you need to find corporate clothing that is made from top quality material, that is manufactured to a high standard, and that will last for a long time. This is imperative because you need to ensure your employees get a lot of use out of the uniforms initially supplied. You need to also consider the point regarding how frequently they are going to be wearing this clothing too. If you purchase corporate clothing made from a poor material then it can easily rip and you will need to fork out extra amounts of cash.

Your company may look unprofessional

If you rush and make a wrong decision regarding your company’s work wear then you can easily take away from your level of professionalism rather than enhance it. When choosing a uniform you need to envisage someone walking down the street wearing it. You then need to consider what you would think when that person passes you buy. It the feeling is one that deems the person to look professional and important, you know you are onto a winner. In order to achieve this you need to make sure you keep everything simplistic and sophisticated.

You may miss out on a huge branding opportunity

If you rush into the decision of what corporate uniforms you are going to buy you can easily overlook important points, such as the branding of your business. You can use your employees as an outlet for advertising because their clothes will boast your company’s logo and thus your brand recognition and identity will get stronger by the day.

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