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Business Practices That You Could Do Yourself… But Probably Shouldn’t

There’s nothing more empowering than starting up your own business.

In fact, in the digital age, it’s the ultimate statement of independence; an act that shows you’re no longer prepared to entrust your career, financial wellbeing and future to the whims of employers who don’t value you or recognise the talents and skills that you bring to bear.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a full blown entrepreneur, this independent mindset can be your fiercest ally when facing the rigours of the super competitive business landscape – but it can also be your worst enemy. Entrepreneurs are fiercely determined and multi talented individuals, and while this is to their credit it can also prevent them from seeking out help when they need it the most. Some feel that it may compromise their independence; others are beholden to a dogged determination to do everything “their way”. In either case, these completely admirable sentiments could actually impede their business growth.

Why even you can’t do everything

As the CEO of a business, your role must be divided between the daily operations of your business and planning strategically to facilitate business growth. This requires a particular set of skills and a lot of your time. Unfortunately, the very “roll your sleeves up and dive in” attitude that leads many to entrepreneurship in the first place can result in you devoting too much of your time to the operational side of your business; micromanaging relentlessly rather than looking at it from the macro perspective that is essential for effective leadership. With that in mind, while you may have the skills to do all of the following to a professional standard, there’s no way that you’ll be able to do it all while maintaining your sanity or steering your business in the right direction.

Web design

Many entrepreneurs are fairly fluent in HTML, or at least have a smattering of coding knowledge. Even if they do, there are so many platforms for businesses, whether they use ecommerce or not, that it may seem that coding knowledge is superfluous when there are so many beautifully constructed templates to choose from. However, any veteran of ecommerce and web design will tell you that a template is no substitute for building a website from scratch. A template will mark your business out as amateurish and may prevent clients from taking you as seriously as they should. Outsourcing to a web design company can help to give your business the polished online presence it needs.


Of course, a polished looking website is only one component of your online presence. It must be supplemented by a digital marketing campaign that produces regular and unique content as well as encompassing the right social media platforms to reach your target market. While many social media savvy entrepreneurs believe that they can handle all their marketing affairs on their own, they often underestimate how much a cogent marketing strategy can drain their time and resources. On the other hand, outsourcing to a third party provider tends to generate a 5:1 return on your investment, so it’s money well spent.

Human resources

You may think that hiring, firing and perspiring are part of the daily grind for an entrepreneur, but few realise just how legislative the field of human resources can be. You will be responsible for your business’ compliance, and you will likely be penalised if you fail to do so. Outsourcing your HR operations will take this considerable pressure off your shoulders.

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