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Can You Have A Career That Is Both Personally And Morally Fulfilling?

It is one of the most important aspects of life, and what you do for a living is one of the first question you are asked when you meet someone for the first time. But what should we do with our lives? This can be a question we ask ourselves continually throughout our adult lives and the answer quite probably changes as we get older. Some of us will start out with grand financial ambitions but change and look for something more personally and morally fulfilling whilst, on the flip-side, many young people start out full of idealism and then as they grow older change their focus to other things as life takes its twists and turns.

Whatever you feel, there is always room for change and growth in your career and it’s never too late. Although the answer will be personal to each of you, this article will attempt to give some ideas of careers and jobs that might be personally and morally fulfilling.

Hobby as a Job

One way of finding a job that gives you a feeling of satisfaction is to turn something you already love into a business that can make money, be it handy skills such as woodwork, or you have vast knowledge of equipment that you use for an activity and can open a shop or supply company or could even teach a skill such as dance or sports? Even if you are passionate about creative roles there are always outlets for this such as writing for a magazine or website or selling you art or music online.

It’s important to think long and hard about whether you should turn your hobby into a job as although doing something you love and making money sounds like a marriage made in heaven, there are drawbacks such as can you really make enough money from it and will the pressure kill your passion for the hobby? To find out if it’s for you though you don’t need to go all in straight away, why not try doing it part-time alongside your regular job for a while, if possible?

Careers That Help Others Directly

If helping others is what would give you meaning in your life then there are plenty of careers such as nursing or any other health service jobs, you could work as a firefighter saving lives or a teacher improving the lives of young people, these are all greatly rewarding careers that don’t pay too badly either! If you don’t have the qualifications or are not looking for a career job with a long training period then maybe something like caring for people with disabilities is for you, there are plenty of  organisations where you can get special needs jobs like this, even voluntary roles if you only have a bit of time or are looking for experience.

Public Roles

There are so many ways to have a public role that helps your community, why not think about running for your local area or town council, it’s not that unobtainable to be a councillor you would be helping your neighbours and fellow residents and if you put the leg work in and talk to people you might be surprised at how good a reaction you get come election day.

We only have one life and if you feel you need a change then it’s never too late, grab life by the scruff of the neck and make the changes to enhance your life for the better!

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