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Hands Up Who’s Ready for a Career Change? (Read This)

If you’ve been in your current job for a few years now and you’re getting bored, it may be a sign that you’ve hit a career crossroads.

A lot of people struggle when they reach a position in which they are too comfortable with their everyday tasks and find their role has lost its spark. However, appreciating that you need a new challenge and taking small steps such as updating your social media profile and your professional biography online can attract the positive attention you’re craving for. Or you can use your network to attract headhunters and job offers directly into your mailbox – keeping you focused on the future and ensuring you don’t risk boredom burnout.

Naturally, all these ideas are brilliant if you want to stick in the same professional sector, but what if you want a complete career change? Here are four jobs that you can start today, without any certification.

#1. Blogger

Blogging has never been trendier than it is right now. After all, a good blogger can influence the digital opinion and make a living out of their writing. While it sounds promising, you need to start a blog with a business mind to make it work. This means that you need to tailor your communication to your target audience, make the best use of social media for self-promotion, and update your blog a minimum of three times a week for your readers. Once you start to reach a significant readership, you can consider ways of monetising your blog via advertising or sponsorship activities.

#2. UX Tester

A user experience tester sounds like something out of a sci-fi film. But it’s a lot easier than it sounds. Your role is to test the digital tools that companies create, from apps to websites. While you don’t need any previous experience, you might be required to know how to use JIRA testing tools, which allow you to record issues with a specific product (JIRA is one of the main software development tools for an agile build). All it takes is exploring and stretching the tools’ functions for the safety of future users.

#3. Crafter

If you have a craft hobby, you’d be surprised to know that you can make it your main business. Not sure how? Follow the example of Tilly Walnes who fell in love with sewing and started her Tilly and the Buttons business soon after. She turned a passion for creating her own clothes into a business that provides patterns and training, and she’s also about to publish a second book of sewing tips. So why couldn’t you do the same with your hobby?

#4. Event planner

If you have a soft spot for parties – and especially for throwing exquisite parties – then you will certainly love organising events on behalf of others. An event planner might organise bespoke Christmas or birthday parties, for example, or specialise in wedding planning. Planning a wedding is a combination of logistics and making dreams come true – it’s by far one of the most rewarding roles if you’re a people’s person.

Making a career change takes a lot of guts, especially as it often means that you need to start again with an entry-level position. However, there are careers that you can start right now without previous qualification; from a wordsmith to a wedding maker, trust yourself to follow your passion and turn it into a career.

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