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Hit a Career Crossroads? What to Do Next

If you’ve been in your current job for three years or more, chances are you’ve mastered all the skills and tasks that the role entails.

You might have trained up a few of the newbies, and even taken on some of the mundane parts of your boss’ job. In short, you’ve probably become pretty good at what you do. Getting bored yet? You aren’t alone. After all, you’re young, savvy, smart, and capable. No wonder you’re itching for the next challenge.

Push Off to Push On

If your company isn’t quite as dynamic or exciting as you would like, it might be time to start planning a move. When there are few promotion opportunities, there are usually few pay rise opportunities. Nobody wants to stay on an entry level wage forever, and getting stuck in the middle can be really frustrating. You want a chance to move on up and maybe even make it to the top.

Social Media

When was the last time you updated your social media? I’m not talking about the details of that cake you had last weekend or the amazing film you saw in March. When was the last time you detailed the important parts of your professional life? If you want to move ahead at work, then steer your profiles toward promoting just how good you are at what you do. If you went to a reputable university and have countless letters after your name, put them on there.


The reason for keeping your professional profile pristine is that this is the first place employers and headhunters look to check you out. They want to see a responsible adult that lives for their work and has some highly desirable credentials to boot. If you’re applying for new jobs, then make sure your profile and posting history sings your praises.


Attracting headhunters is easier to do if you’re career hungry. It means you’re more likely to work on impressing clients and colleagues. Most headhunters are looking to collect recommendations about your work, ethic, and personality. They need to know you tick all the boxes their client is looking for. When you’re striving for the top positions, you need a lot of good people in your network ready to yell out on your behalf. Start working on this now.


Of course, any job offers that come in still need to be carefully considered. You’re looking to build a great career, so don’t go running after any old role that is placed on the table. The company you work for should be the biggest in their market. There should be room to grow in your role and opportunities for self-development. What about your new boss? Where is their vision at right now? Are they there to nurture you or better their own career prospects?

You’re at an important crossroads in your career, and the decisions you make now might be crucial to your progress. You could stay where you are and revel in that know-it-all glow. Or you might want to take on the next challenge, outside of your comfort zone, and progress a good few rungs up that career ladder. Where are you going?

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