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Could a Trade Show Give Your Small Business the Boost it Needs?

Trade shows?”, you’re probably thinking. “They still do those?”

We wouldn’t blame you, either. In today’s digitally-led market, you’d be forgiven for thinking that people are less interested in trade shows and event marketing than email shoots and social media campaigns – but the exhibition scene is not only alive, it’s thriving. The exhibition market is showing consistent growth across the past 2 years, by 2.7% in 2017 and 3% in 2018. They’re not all packed full of old fuddy duddies who don’t know how to access social media, either. They’re a great opportunity to meet and make an impression on a wide range of potential customers, clients and even investors.

Trade shows provide a personal touch

You’ve likely built your brand on your personality, your passion and your ideals, and those things are very hard to communicate on a landing page. Trade shows allow you to make a personal connection with people, as well as allowing them to get up close and personal with your product. They can also afford you speaking opportunities to enable you to show how passionate you are about your product and appealing to the needs of your target market.And that’s a lot harder to walk away from than simply clicking the X at the corner of a screen. You can offer people an intimate and personal experience with your brand, and it can be surprisingly cost effective if you keep an eye on your metrics.

Trade shows have a sense of occasion

If you run a small business, you likely know how hard it is to sell to someone who’s not receptive. The great thing about trade shows is that they have an almost carnival atmosphere and a real sense of occasion. People show up excited and receptive (even if it’s only because they’re not at work), and thus they’ll be much more open to what you have to say. These are people who want to be there and, even if they’re initially overwhelmed with all the stands on offer, they’re more likely to give you the time of day than if you were handing out free samples on the street.

It’s all about your stand

Perhaps the biggest component of what will determine your success or failure will be your exhibition stand. You may think that investing heavily in your stand is one more overhead you can do without, but with so much competition out there, every penny of cut costs will show. Fortunately, an effective stand needn’t cost the earth; just look at these shell scheme stands by Rocket print promotions. A good contractor will help you to assemble a stand that’s built to suit your branding and enables you to give potential customers a virtual tour of what your business stands for.

This is also a great opportunity to wow your target market with freebies. Branded materials like pens, mugs, t shirts, baseball caps and keyrings can really help your brand to make a lasting impression on potential customers, while a free sample of your product (if that’s logistically possible) will always go down well.

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