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Could Your Entrepreneurial Spirit Also Boost Creativity?

As an entrepreneur, you are always buzzing around new ideas that might be the one to take you from nothing to a success.

After all, we are all well aware that it just takes the one idea to make everything fall into place, and more often than not, it is a seed planted in your mind that develops and grows over time. It can be something quite phenomenal to witness.

However, it isn’t just about having ideas, is it? Being an entrepreneur means more than that; it means the whole package. Knowing how to implement an idea and bring it to life; managing and multitasking different aspects; searching for trends in markets and looking out for gaps in the market. It can also boost creativity as you look for alternative ways to stand out from the crowd and be, well, different. We wanted to share with you some of the ways your entrepreneurial spirit can boost creativity. Some of it may surprise you.

Making your brand and product stand out

The idea is good. It is what you need to start the whole process, but what makes your idea stand out from the crowd? The truth is, it can be quite rare to have a unique idea these days. That isn’t to say you can’t, but what many entrepreneurs do is think outside of the box when it comes to advancing on a current idea, brand or service. But this is where you have to make your idea different. There are some extreme ways you can do that, for example, the likes of UPS only allow the colour brown to be used in their branding and no other courier company can use it. It makes UPS different and stand out, a recognisable brand, in what can be seen as a saturated industry. The Louboutin red you see on heels of shoes is protected and a signature of that brand; Tiffany blue for the jeweller Tiffany & Co, and so on. There are plenty. There is even an artist who is licensed to use a certain pigment of black called Vantablack; how crazy is that? But while you may not want to go to extremes, custom chemical formulation may be able to help you pigment a particular colour for your brand, which could then be used for packaging, within the item, or whatever you see fit. At some point you could the protect it, and that way your brand, product and business stands out from the crowd, even if you have entered a saturated market.

Ensuring that the idea you have cannot necessarily be replicated

When it comes to launching a new business, you need to ensure that your idea cannot be replicated, or for that matter you are not replicating somebody else’s business idea and plan. Doing that means that your business may be short lived, and there is no longevity to your product and service. That being said, there are millions of law firms doing the same thing, insurance providers, companies that manufacturers and sell clothing, to name a few examples, but the best way to approach your business if it is something that is already being done is to be unique to market about what you do and offer.

Website and copy can’t just be informative, you need a voice

Creativity isn’t necessarily about the look, it is also about the way something reads and comes across. Things are all going digital these days and many businesses have their own websites and online shopping facilities. Copy is where you can make a difference to your business and stand out from the crowd. Sure you can be boring and say what it is, but the description element, the information you provide in your about page or thought business blog will make the difference to your business. After all, the saying that people will always buy from people still applies, even if it is through a computer screen.

Social media gives you the key to be different and express your personality

Finally, social media gives you the chance to be different and stand out from the crowd, and the creative element in this is exactly how you share the content. You may choose to do so through carefully edited pictures on a grid, uploaded to platforms like Instagram. Maybe you like the idea of live video on Instagram Stories, or using Facebook to keep people up to date with live video. YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter; how you choose to share your business is down to you, but don’t forget to let the creativity flow and your personality shine through.

We hope that this has given you some indication about how your entrepreneurial spirit can boost creativity.

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