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Creating an Office Your Employees Love

Happy staff make for a productive business, so it really is pretty important that you, as a business owner, take steps to keep your staff happy at work.

Treating them to cookies and pizza once in a while is great, but you know what would make your employees truly happy? A comfortable office!

With that in mind, here are some simple things you can do to create an office your employees will love:

Keep it Organised

If you can only do one thing to make your office environment better for your staff, make it this. An office that is organised is not only easier on the eye but also, more importantly, easier for everyone involved to find what they need quickly, which really takes the stress out of things.

Staying organised is pretty easy if you invest in plenty of filing cabinets, shelves and bins, and if you colour coordinate them so that everyone knows where things should be.

Consider Comfort

Even if you’re running a small business on a tight budget, you should try to consider the comfort of your employees when furnishing your office. Furniture that is ergonomically designed, for example, could even save you money because, if staff are well-supported, they’re less likely to develop conditions like bad backs and repetitive strain injuries, which could put them out of action for a while.

Plant Power

Every office should be brimming with plant life. Plants help people who feel stressed to relax (and if your business is like every other business on the planet, your staff will get stressed from time to time!). If you choose the right plants, they will also help to clean up the air, which should give a health boost to your employees.

Create a Relaxation Space

If you have some spare space in your office, preferably in a separate room from your workspace, it’s a good idea to create a relaxation room where employees can go to take time out, gather their thoughts and rest for a while. A lot of business owners don’t like to do this because they think it will cause staff to slack off, but actually, if you show them a bit of trust and make the place as comfortable as you can for them, your employees will return the favour.

Temperature Control

There’s nothing worse than working in a stuffy office, sweating away at your desk in the height of summer or shivering so much that you can’t type when winter hits. So make sure that, with the help of Winrow, you have an efficient heating system, and with assistance from Cool Easy, you have a great air conditioning system in place. Your employees will thank you for it, and you won’t see a reduction in productivity when the weather is at either extreme.

These are all fairly simple suggestions, but if you put them into practice, your office will be a more pleasant place to be – for your staff, and for you.

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