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Creative Calling? Career Ideas For You to Consider

Having a creative streak can be a wonderful blessing (go thank your mama!).

You often feel inspired, and feel happiest when you’re following your creative vision. But it can also be difficult for you when you find yourself on a non-creative path. You may feel frustrated that your talents are being wasted.

So when creativity calls, you may find yourself wanting to forge a career for yourself. Whether you want to go it alone or start your own company, there are many ways to turn your talent into your trade. If you’re not sure which creative career suits you best, here are five options to get you thinking:

Interior Designer

If you have an eye for colour and space – and love a dash of whimsy – then you might like to think about becoming an interior designer. Of course, if you’re already interested in interiors this may be something that you’ve thought about. If not, you may find that it could allow you to combine your creative passions and pursue a business idea that you’re going to be really good at. It’s also a career that you could get some experience in, or even start alongside your current job, before going it alone.


Is the pen your paintbrush, paper your canvas? Do you find yourself writing on a regular basis. Although you might have already thought about going into journalism or creative copywriting, you may also want to consider becoming an author. If you love fiction and storytelling, this is something you could do in your spare time to start off with, and even have as a hobby alongside your regular day job for a while.

Property Developer

Perhaps you’re creative, but you have a brain for business too. If you want to ensure that you can start a booming business that also calls on your creativity, you could go into property development. It may sound more intense than some of the other options, but if you’re businesses-minded you will do well. If you have the capital, creative eye for furnishing and decorating, and credit card processing equipment for contractors, as well as useful contacts (e.g. trusted builders), you could be a success from the start. And it’s a business venture that has a lot of money making potential.


If you love to paint, draw or sculpt, and you have a clear talent for it, this is definitely something that you need to pursue. With these tips for artists starting out, you should also find that you’re able to embark on a career as an artist whether you’re working another job or not. Even if you dedicate your evenings to the cause, you’ll be glad you got started (the hardest step!).


Creativity isn’t always limited to the art forms we hear about most. Just like property development is an option, cooking could be too. If you love sweet treats and you’re a talented baker, why not start a bakery business? It’s something you can start from home and grow as you see fit.

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