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Easy Ways To Improve Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is one of the cornerstones of a good marketing strategy.

You need to create a strong brand so customers immediately think of you when they’re considering buying products in your area. It’s also important that they recognise your brand right away and it sticks in their mind. It’s difficult to achieve this level of brand recognition, especially when you’re going up against big companies that are already well-established, but it’s not impossible. Try out some of these simple methods for increasing brand recognition and you should see an increase in sales in no time.

Search Engine Rankings

I just typed ‘fizzy drink’ into Google and immediately I’ve got pictures of Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite etc. because these are the brands that are best established and trusted by customers. Popping up first on search engines gives you a huge amount of brand recognition. The reason that most people don’t go past the first page of results on a search is because we have a lot of trust in the rankings. We automatically assume that the companies that feature at the top are the best ones and they’ll be the ones that stick in our minds. If you aren’t appearing on that first page when people are searching terms related to your industry, you need to do something about it. Get in touch with an SEO agency and have them help you with your strategy. They’ll be able to help you climb the rankings and start to improve your brand recognition.

Put On Events

People often turn to the online world when they’re trying to spread their brand. Getting a lot of engagement with social media posts and having people share your site etc. is a great way to improve your brand recognition and you should focus on it. However, the sheer amount of information that people are exposed to online means that things are often forgotten as soon as they’ve been seen. Something more personal and tangible like a showcase event for customers is often more memorable than a Twitter post that somebody shares. It also gives you an opportunity to expose people to a lot of branding material and products in a short space of time.

Good Customer Service

Everybody knows that customer service is important but people don’t often think about it in terms of brand recognition. If a customer has a great experience with your company, they’ll remember it and they’ll tell all of their friends and family about it. However, this works both ways. If they have a terrible experience with your company, they’ll tell everybody about it and they’ll probably post a bad review online and you’ll be getting the wrong type of brand recognition. If you can build yourself a reputation as a company with great customer service, people will know you for the right reasons. In some cases, people might even share stories of exceptionally good customer service on social media which is great news for you.

By using these methods, you can increase brand recognition and start to carve out a place as a leader in your industry.

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