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5 Fun Ways Your Business Could be Embracing the Digital Age

Digital technology has improved the way we work dramatically.

Most of this is a case of speeding up and organising admin, with software now able to create rotas, automate accounting, and better organise diaries and work plans. However, this needn’t be the only way we use computers to conduct business. Digital technology can also be used to create a sense of fun and flair in your business, which is important in both marketing to customers, and keeping you and your staff motivated.

Here are some ways that you can use digital technology creatively:

Start a business vlog

Many businesses are now turning to YouTube and taking up vlogging. Video marketing can be used to give advice to clients or other aspiring business owners, enforcing your credibility as a company. It can also be used to create promotional videos for your services – essentially a budget form of TV advertising. Videos need to be good quality to give off a professional tone, and so require a good camera and a microphone. However, this small investment can result in great rewards, and you may even earn some additional income if your videos become popular enough.

Create an app

Apps are ideal for a small business franchise wanting to stand out on the market. A restaurant chain might use an app to create a fast delivery service or menu. It could also be used as a digital loyalty card. A shop, meanwhile, may use an app to create a fun catalogue for their store. Apps can even be used to help employees with training or be used in conjunction with a business’ custom software.

Attend meetings virtually

Meetings can take time and money to travel to. Video communication cuts out the need for both parties to meet in person, making it less costly and more time-efficient. Entire video conferences can even be held between groups of people. You can also interview applicants over video to save them the cost of travelling, and do presentations via video to investors. The opportunities of video communication are still being explored, with realtors even using them to give virtual tours of properties.

Create virtual tours

Speaking of virtual tours, some businesses are now using VR to allow clients to look around their premises. This applies only to some relevant industries – such as factories for monitoring machinery, or hotels for seeing the facilities on offer. VR offers a level of transparency beyond photographs, allowing people to truly get an idea as to what they’re buying into.

Get inventive on social media

Businesses are now having fun with social media, using it as a method of attracting new customers, as well as keeping old clients in the loop. Studies have found that social media is most effective in a business role when it is 20% promotional and 80% non-promotional. By getting inventive, you may be able to market your business in a new fun way that gets people interested in your product.

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