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Enforcing Gender Equality in The Workplace

Whilst the bridge of gender equality in the world of business is in some ways slowly closing, in other it’s just so evident.

The main areas we still see this in is the military, large corporate businesses, and politics. But enough is enough. It is time for everyone to be classed as equals, no matter what their gender. It probably doesn’t help that half of the corporate business owners out there are male, and still believe it to be a man’s world. But here are a few ways you can help to close the gap.

Get That Promotion

Most of the time, women don’t even attempt to get a promotion, as being at the top in an area full of men can seem intimidating. But don’t be put off: even if you’re the only woman after the role, go for it, and better everyone in the room. If you feel you are slightly under qualified compared to your peers, don’t let it worry you. There are online courses, such as those offered by Training Connection, that can offer you that little boost in the business world that you need. In the interview, try pointing out that you’ve noticed managerial positions seem to only be held by men, and you’d like to bring a woman’s touch to the role. Not only will this get them thinking about whether they are being one sided with genders, it’ll plant a seed in their head to get you that job.

Talk to Your Manager

Sometimes, it’s the case that they just don’t have a clue they’re doing it. They favour a man as they feel they can connect more with things in common, not because they’d rather have a man doing the job per se; it is just easier for them to hire the people they’ll get on with, rather than the people who will actually be the best for the job. If you sit down and have a quiet chat with your manager, and explain you feel the equality gap is growing within the workplace, it may be all that is needed to see the roles shared out fairly.


There is nothing that businesses hate more than bad press. If you campaign for equality, it turns so many heads to the way a company is run. Whether you do it through an online petition, campaigning in the streets, or even a media campaign if you can get the news to listen, a public campaign would be the most noticeable and effective action. This is obviously a risky move, though, especially if you’re campaigning against the company you work for; it will most likely make things a little awkward. It might be best to do a simple social media petition if you still want to stay at the company, and a larger scale media campaign if you’re leaving and wish to warn other people. Campaigning is an effective method, as most of the time your boss won’t listen to just your voice alone, it’ll be a shrugged off. But if you take it viral, it’s much harder to ignore.

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