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Essential Facilities Every New Office Needs

If you are thinking of opening up an office this year or you are in the process of building one, there are a few things which you will need to consider.

Designing an office and making sure it is perfect for yourself and your employees is important, and when it comes to building a great office you need to think of adding these facilities.

A good bathroom

The first thing on the list of office facilities is of course the bathroom. A good, comfortable bathroom is essential for workers and if you spend some time making it into an enjoyable space it can increase employee morale and make everyone more happy in the office. You can use a company such as QBIC Washrooms to help you kit out your office bathroom with the best quality equipment for a stunning design.

A kitchen space

A kitchen is important for an office and there are a few different ways you can go with your kitchen space depending on your preference. First of all you can think about whether you would prefer a full kitchen or a café or canteen. If you have a canteen then you only need a kettle and a microwave in the kitchen alongside a sink to wash things up. But if you don’t have a canteen you may need a larger space for people to store their food and make it during the day.

A quiet room

It is just as important in an office to have a quiet room as it is to have a communal working space or a meeting room for clients. When it comes to work things can be stressful and it is important as a manager that you are able to recognise when people are becoming overwhelmed. A quiet room can include a comfy sofa, drinks machine and magazines to allow someone who has become overwhelmed with stress to step out and have a break before they have a panic attack.

An outdoor area

Everyone needs to be able to enjoy some fresh air now and again; and ideally you will have a small garden area in the back of the office where people can come during their break to enjoy the sunshine and get some much needed air. You can even make it into a fun space where you grow your own fruit and vegetables to use in the canteen and it can become a wonderful place to come during the working day.

A smoking corner

There will inevitably be people who smoke in your office and although it might be easier to let them into your garden area, this isn’t fair for the people who don’t smoke and want some fresh air. It is best to create a separate area for smokers where they can sit down and enjoy their break without smoking out everyone else. This will allow everyone to stay friends and no one to get in a argument about smoke blowing into their faces. It will also protect the health of people who may suffer with asthma.

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