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Every Social Media Campaign Should Be An Event

Releasing a new product soon?

If you don’t get the same jitters and nervousness you do when releasing the product as for your social media campaign, you’re going to fall flat on your face. Businesses have to live and breathe social media, everything and everyone is on it. You have access to hundreds of millions of potential customers, so why tackle the challenges of social media campaigns half-heartedly? In fact a product can live or die depending on how effective your social media outreach is during the first few months after launch. But there are so many things you need to do, that it can be overwhelming. To get over the pressure of things and becoming confused, look at your campaign as if were leading up to an event.

Be recognisable

When someone online looks at your new ad or product, they should instantly register in their mind that this is something new. Stay away from colour schemes that are potent with other audiences in the same product category. For example, if you were going to release a new energy drink, make sure your ad campaign doesn’t use green and black as it would be akin to Monster Energy; your competitor. You don’t want to confuse consumers, you want them to pay attention immediately as you are presenting something new. A 20 or 30-second video ad is also great, but it needs to be focused on showing features that haven’t been seen before. You may need to use the promote tool various social media websites offer.

Expressive graphics

On social media websites like Twitter and Facebook, you can post pictures with a caption and hashtags. For the picture, you should have your own unique expressive graphics. Along with the graphics you can monitor how well people have responded to them with a good Social media management company. They have their own graphics design team working in their studio for optimised creative social media designs. If you’re selling an orange juice drink, you want graphics that are going to be something like ice cubes, splashing waves of orange juice and words to go with them. Regular visits by the content creation managers ensure you have a consistent business image and brand continuity whenever you’re changing up your campaign somehow.

The verdict

Towards the final few weeks of your social media campaign, the finale should take place. This could be such as having a livestream event, whereby you answer consumer question that you have pulled from your social media accounts. It could be announcing something new to go with the product such as smartphone company may release new earphones to go with it. Giving discounts to consumers that bought the product in the first months is also a nice way to end your campaign. On the other hand releasing new software or an overall update to the product for free would also turn heads.

After the release of a product, the first few months are essential for your medial campaign. To be effective right out of the gate, you need to be recognisable in the way that you’re showing something that hasn’t been seen before. Utilise expressive graphics and a social media company that can monitor the effectiveness of them.

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