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Festive Tips To Boost Your Business Over The Christmas Season

Christmas is coming, and for businesses large and small, it is time to prepare for the season.

Traditionally, retailers are guaranteed a boost to their business at this time of year, taking advantage of the Christmas shopping season, but any business can see a profit using the festive tips we are gifting you with here.

Read on, and may your Christmas be merry and bright as you bring in the money!

Send a gift or a Christmas card to your customers

Christmas is a time of giving after all, but you don’t have to go heavy on the expense. With an affordable gift from dynamicgift or a festively themed e-card, send something to the people who matter the most to your business, your customers! Be sure to include a personalised message with each, however, to show how much you care and value them. By sending something out to them, you are reminding them that you exist. You can include an extra message with your mailout, perhaps with news of your special Christmas promotions that are running throughout the season. And because you have gifted them with something, they are more likely to give your business extra consideration through their own generous spending.

Think about your Christmas promotions

What can you do differently over the Christmas season? To give your customers the incentive to buy from you, think about how you might appeal to them. As one example, you might go with the ’12 Days of Christmas’ theme, perhaps showcasing it as an advent calendar on your website. On each of the 12 days, reveal a new offer or promotion to tempt your customers. It could be a money-off a specific item, or it could be a free gift if they sign up to your service. Whatever it is, ensure it’s something worthwhile. There are loads more Christmas promotion ideas here, so pick something that will suit your business, and use your creativity to capture the hearts, minds, and wallets of your customers.

Show your charitable side

This is the season of goodwill, so to get into the spirit of things, consider a charitable cause that you, your staff and customers are passionate about. Donate part of your profits, or hold a special fundraising event to raise money for the charity in question. While such giving should be philanthropic, showing generosity to serve the need of others, you will find that it will still serve you well. You will raise morale among your staff, and their productivity may increase. Your customers will see how generous you are, and will favour your business as a result.  And if what you do raises media attention, then all the better, as this is an excellent way to market your business. None of these things should be the raison d’être for your giving as we said, but if it benefits your business, then it’s festive cheer for everyone.

Reward your staff

Like busy little elves running around Santa’s grotto, your staff will be busy this Christmas. Be sure to show your generous side as appreciation, as not only will you spread festive cheer into the hearts and minds of your team, but they should bless you with extra productivity in your workplace as a result! How can you reward your team? Well, there’s the obligatory Christmas party, but you might want to give them a cash bonus or a personalised gift that holds meaning for them. You could take them out for a meal using a share of your Christmas profits. And unlike Ebenezer Scrooge, you might want to let them have more time with their family this Christmas, be that through hiring temporary staff to give your regular team members an extra day off, or by allowing your team to work from home if your business model allows it.

Rebrand your product

If it’s possible to rebrand what you offer for Christmas, then do so. If you sell a particular product, rebrand it as a potential gift item, and market it within a Christmas context. Rewrite the product description with a Christmas theme, or take a photo of the product with a festive backdrop. Give your website a makeover, using colours that are associated with the season, and implement (non-intrusive) festive tunes that can play in the background while your customers are perusing your site. If you run a retail store, then it’s common sense to give your shop a festive theme anyway, so use these Christmas display ideas and incorporate your products within them. Rebranding what you offer is a useful marketing tactic, so let Christmas be your excuse to do something that is against the norm.

Evaluate your website

Considering that most people shop online these days, your website needs to be the priority. As well as giving it a festive makeover, you should also evaluate your website to make sure it’s fit for purpose. Are products easy to find? Are they priced correctly? Is there enough information to encourage somebody to buy from you? Are your shipping details updated to accommodate the Christmas rush? Make any changes that are necessary for the season, but also give your website a makeover in any area that needs refreshing or fixing. The last thing you want is to lose customers because of poor website design and functionality, at any time of year let alone Christmas, so hire a web designer if needed, or get to work on your website yourself.

Keep an eye on your rivals

Tis the season for goodwill to all men… but not necessarily where your rivals are concerned! While you don’t want to sabotage their business and ruin their chances of Christmas cheer, you still need to be mindful of them. What are they running as a Christmas promotion? Have they made changes in pricing? Take note, and engage in some healthy competition, so you don’t lose business at this time of year.


By following our tips, you are almost guaranteeing yourself a boost to your Christmas profits. Let us know what you think, and if you have any ideas of your own, be sure to gift them to our readers to help them during this most busy of seasons. Thanks for reading, and oh yeah… Merry Christmas!

Photo by Heidi Sandstrom on Unsplash

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