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Five Things Women Need to Know About Apprenticeships

We all think we know the secret to career success.

Climbing that ladder involves a tried and tested formula – a college degree followed by an internship or two. That is, if you can beat out the intense competition.

But what if there was another way to prove yourself and get some unbeatable experience along the way? Apprenticeships are increasingly becoming a smart choice for women fighting their way to the top, especially in some of the traditionally male-dominated industries, like engineering and manufacturing. Here’s why:

Start life debt free

With the average college student now graduating thousands of pounds in debt, and with the knowledge that getting that first job is a much harder task these days, it’s little wonder that more and more women are looking for a way to advance themselves without sacrificing too much. That’s why apprenticeship schemes can give the right person a real head-start – and one that pays out as well. And all with no heavy tuition fees.

Fast track your way to success

On the surface, it may not look like the most glamorous option, but the opportunities in sectors such as manufacturing, product design and engineering are going to be huge over the next ten years. An ageing workforce cruising toward retirement and a shortage of new talent means you can name your price, and will advance through the ranks quicker than in other sectors. So for women serious about getting to the top of their game on the fast track, the sky really will be the limit.

Become super networked

With an apprenticeship exposing you to all parts of a business and all manner of suppliers, you can quickly build up a network of contacts that are invaluable. Need a kick ass logistics company? Then you know that Northwestern Shipping have the best rates. Business needs a custom fabrication? Then you know that Rapid Metals can supply all your sheet metal needs. Being the person in the know is never a bad thing – all that industry knowledge can put your career on turbo charge. The old saying still holds true: it’s not what you know, but who you know that will keep you ahead of the game in business.

Learn as you earn

A big incentive for a lot of young women is being able to have earning power. Becoming financially independent while you’re still young is a lot of fun. As apprenticeships involve studying, you get to tackle a mix of classroom time and on the job learning that brings all the books to life. It’s the ultimate win-win scenario, as you don’t have to miss out on a student experience but you’re working from day one. There’s something to be said for learning from real experts who are working in the field and up to date with all the current challenges and new developments in that area. And in companies with large apprenticeship schemes, it’s likely you’ll be working alongside other young starters who may become friends for life.

So for ambitious, smart young women, modern apprenticeships are really chasing away their unfairly dusty image and attracting a new breed of confident workers poised to be tomorrow’s captains of industry.

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