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Flexible Career Options for Busy Mums

These days, things like parenting tends to be much more split – with partners taking on more of an equal share.

However, in many cases, as mothers we tend to be the primary caregiver for our children, meaning it’s usually us that need to be flexible. Whether it’s taking them to school and picking them up, taking days off when they’re ill and looking after them in school holidays, childcare can be expensive, and so paying someone else to do this for you can often cost you more money than simply taking the time off yourself. If you work a regular nine to five, or in fact any job with set hours, then it can be extremely tricky and you risk your job every time you need to take time off at the last minute. But unfortunately family life and raising children can be unpredictable. For this reason, choosing a career that’s flexible around you is your best bet. When you get to pick and choose your working hours it means you can take time off when you need to and make it up elsewhere. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Working at Home

More people than ever are now able to work from home, and there are plenty of options you could consider. You could make money blogging, freelancing, making YouTube videos or starting your own home based business. If you have a hobby where you make or design things then you could sell these online; chances are it won’t even feel like work! In time you could even hire another employee or two to help you out, you will just need to switch from being a sole trader to a limited company – and set up your limited company formation. These kinds of home based roles are all very flexible; you choose your hours and, best of all, there’s no travel involved. You can work while your kids are at school, sleeping or even just having quiet time in the evening.

Another option for working from home would be to work remotely for the company you’re with now. Lots of businesses are offering this to employees in need of flexibility. You’ll still have a deadline but you won’t need to factor in travel time, and can organise your day in a way that suits you.

Mobile Positions

If working from home isn’t for you and you prefer to be up and about and out of the house, if you drive then how about a self employed mobile position? This could be a mobile hairdresser, makeup artist or nail technician. You could work as a tutor, photographer or even as a courier with many being very flexible. It all depends on your current skills and qualifications, or whether you would be willing to go back into education to gain these. Since lots of courses can be done part time and online these days, it’s something you could work towards before having a family around your day job – or even when your children are small. That way you set yourself up for a flexible career for years to come.

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