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Fresh Office, Fresh Mind

Your workplace is very similar to your home in the fact that, when it is cluttered and dirty, it can cause you to feel stressed, cluttered and messy too.

The secret to a productive office is a clean, minimal and bright one, and today we are going to talk about some ways to refresh your office – and refresh the mind too.

Clean Up

It’s easy when you are busy working to have piles of paper and items mount up on your desk; it’s a natural part of working in a busy environment. However, the real problem comes when you don’t file any of these things away, because the effect snowballs and suddenly you are surrounded by a fort of paper and documents. Although it’s a great way of hiding from your colleagues, it can also be really hard for you to stay positive and productive. Schedule some time on a Friday afternoon to get rid of junk, file things away, and clean your desk. It means that when you come back to work on the Monday, your desk will be clean and fresh.

Upgrade Your Storage

If you are unsure about how to begin with rearranging your desk space and making room for better storage, this page explains all about office fit outs. The key to great storage is to move everything you need into one place, so you can find it easily when you need it. If you always have multiple projects on the go, consider investing in brightly coloured boxes or files for each project. That way, you can keep everything you need in one place, and it will add a lovely splash of colour to your desk too.

Inspirational Quotes

Honestly, you may think that a piece of paper on the wall with ‘you can do this’ written on it is useless, but it is exactly what you need on a bad day when your motivation is at an all-time low. The point about having an office space is to make it your own. The difference some art or a family photo can make will surprise you. Having items which hold meaning to you around your desk can improve your motivation hugely – and help with productivity too.

Be Smart With Lighting

Office lighting is either way too harsh, or not bright enough. The fluorescent lights which fill the typical office often just aren’t up to scratch and can damage your eyes after a while. The trick is to embrace the natural light you already have access to. Create more window space by getting rid of those dusty blinds and make the most of the light the world can bring in; it will also improve your view, which is an added bonus.

Change Up The Colours

Luckily, the office isn’t like home. If you’ve always wanted to create a crazy patterned wall or paint it bright turquoise, the office environment can suit this pretty well. It would be wise to only paint one wall a crazy colour and leave the rest white, though; but then you can add features which match that feature wall into the room to tie your design together and create a talking point.

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